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Magazine "Olympic Reporter"

"Olympic Reporter" — is the first international magazine, which regularly, professionally and in detail covers the process of preparation for XXII winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Key themes and areas:

  • Building of Olympic objects in dynamics, participation of the domestic and foreign developer and investment companies in the project;
  • Interview of the Heads of the International and national Olympic committees, “Olympstroy” State company, Organizing committee “Sochi-2014”, the core federal ministries, governors and mayors of the regions of Russian Federation, key designers and architects, developers and builders, branch experts;
  • The foundation of near-Olympic infrastructures: motor, railway and sea transport, heat-electro-and water supply, power, housing and communal services, power efficiency, telecommunications;
  • Introduction of modern technologies, deliveries of building materials, technics, equipment;
  • New design and architectural solutions, the program “Development of Sochi as a mountainous resort” and the General layout of development of Sochi till 2032: direct and indirect investments in the Olympic Games;
  • The Olympic Games staff. Participation of secondary, secondary-special and higher educational institutions, the centres of employment, personnel and headhunting agencies in preparation;
  • Federal and regional programs of development of mass and professional sports, foundation of sports infrastructure in regions of the Russian Federation, support of gifted children and teenagers, training of the Olympic reserve;
  • Comments of representatives of Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, sports federations, sports special schools and boarding schools, schools of the Olympic reserve;
  • Sponsors and partners of the Olympic Games;
  • The Olympic heritage: using of sports objects after the ending of the Games.

Volume: 100 pages.

Circulation: 10 000 — 15 000 copies.

Archive of issues

Will be a special issue of the international journal «Olimpic reporter» (2202)
Maksim Fyodorov   
Sochi-2014: Olympic arithmetics (2123)
The virus of Olympic optimism (2423)
«Russia has found itself in investors shoes» (2239)
Let's go! (2087)
Sergey Semyonov  
«I will not tell Putin anymore, that it is necessary to make haste!» (2719)
Olympic Games-2014: possibilities and risks (2325)
«It is profitable for the majority of building companies to work with government orders» (2220)
Artem Vasilyev  
«There is no massed appeal to us» (2468)
Artem Vasilyev  
Hospitality test (2065)
We need to make Sochi French Riviera (2123)
Expensive, but good bargain (2350)
Heritage and successors (2106)
Broad view at «bottlenecks» (3328)
Sergey Semyonov  
City for life or place for party? (2554)
Irina Rodina  
To stop an avalanche (2265)
Olympic interchange (2405)
Explosive effect (2899)
Alena Lapteva  
Gold, but not people! (2560)
Konstantin Kuharenko   
«Olympic character means — the sportsman can surprise himself» (3550)
Irina Varlamova  
If you want — be healthy! (2063)
Oleg Petrushin  
“We win battle by battle, but not war” (1745)
Irina Varlamova  
To win the Olympic Games and die (1771)
Irina Varlamova  
Political races (2074)
Sergey Semyonov  
«Stop wearing out the seat of your trousers!» (1826)
Sergey Semyonov  
Will eminent sportsman make a curve political furrow? (2246)
Exhibition of Olympic achievements (1703)
Irina Rodina  
Window into Europe (1705)
Artem Vasilyev  

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