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Olympic Games-2014: possibilities and risks

¹ 6 (2009)
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How are preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympics, experts told the Herald the Olympic Games.

«Russian trump card is time»
Jean-Claude Killy, the chairman of the IOC Coordination commission:

— After the Olympic Games in Vancouver, all eyes will be turned to Sochi. This project, maybe, is the most difficult for the IOC: it is necessary to construct 80% of all Olympic objects. We watch building course with a great interest. Work scale in such areas as transport, infrastructure amazes. It is the catalyst of region development on a large scale. Of course, there are some problems, which have to be solved, but Russia has a trump card — time. The IOC trusts it fully. And I will not tell Vladimir Putin to make haste any more. Our main recommendation for today is — to show good care of environment in this unique region during preparation for the Games.

«We have realized, what is it to be the investor»
Yury Reylyan, the deputy minister of regional development of the Russian Federation:

— The prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has made some important statements concerning the conclusions, which the state should make in course of preparation of large investment projects — such as the Olympic Games in Sochi, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vladivostok, Student Games in Kazan. Ministry of economic development and trade is already preparing a package of important amendments aimed at considerable simplification of investment activity in the country in whole. Probably, «Sochi-2014» — is the first project for the state, due to which we have clearly realised what is it — to be the investor. Especially during the financial crisis, when many countries have literally joined in hunting for the investor, considering investment activity as one of anti-crisis measures.work.

«You never know what you can do till you try»
Vladimir Dmitriev, the chairman of Vnesheconombank:

— We had already held the Olympic Games, but all sports constructions were built at the expense of budgetary funds. I have a feeling that money was not counted. We live in different time. Not only investors count money, but also the state. It was decided to create engineering company, which would be engaged both in designing and making of the design estimates, control over targeted use of means, technological control, and audit. You never know what you can do till you try. We are absorbed into the Olympic projects, we realize their complexity, we estimate risks, but our work is made easier by the fact, that we go shoulder to shoulder with «Olympstroy», and the government, and Dmitry Kozak, who monitors this remarkable building day and night, as it is his beloved child.

«There will be no such case anymore»
Alexander Tkachev, the governor of Krasnodar region:

— We did not expect such huge amount of works. Everything was quite difficult at the beginning. Everything should be built, and there were failures, I will tell frankly. But it is necessary to give his due: vice-premier Dmitry Kozak has taken this process in his hands, and today it works like good adjusted mechanism. We did not expect also, that there will be the outflow of tourists after the announcement of Sochi the capital of the Olympic Games: minus 10% last year, minus 2% this year. The majority of potential visitors of the Black Sea coast have thought, that the Olympic Games are big building and there is nothing to do here. The resort feeds a city, fills the budget, therefore we have felt the drop. On the other hand, there are also huge pluses along with minuses. One time in 100 years Sochi can hold the winter Olympic Games. There will be no such case anymore.

«Delivery terms are connected with the financing»
Ivan Kuznetsov, the general director of «Transstroy» company:

— Crisis did not affect building of those objects, which started before the financial cataclysm. Already during the crisis period some tendered objects were deleted. For example, the port at the river Psou, which contruction was won by «Transstroy», but after resuming of the results the customer refused to build. The «Olympstroy» count on external investment in building of Olympic objects, probably, has not worked, therefore the state remained their main customer and investor. This amendment to plans was moved by crisis too. Our company is confident that we will deliver objects in time, I can not tell anything for the others. Delivery terms are always connected with financing. Today there are no preconditions for terms breaking.

«The compromise with society is necessary»
Dmitry Remizov, the political scientist, the candidate of political science:

— The staff deficit becomes a serious problem for the organisation of building of the Olympic Games objects. No wonder that not only Russian companies will be engaged in building, but also foreign companies, student teams and volunteers. A stumbling-block at erection of objects became the complaints of the population and the ecologists supporting preservation of the unique nature. Cargo port in Imeretinskaya lowland is one of the most disputable objects of the Olympic program. Local residents are anxious about the fact that rubble, sand, and cement will be stored under their windows. Builders calm them telling, that the port will be remade to yacht-club after the end of the Games. It will be impossible to realise the given project without the compromise with society.

«The Games-2014 are no trifle»
Sergey Bulanov, the champion of Europe, the triple owner of a World Cup in Greek-Roman style:

— Now many people complain of crisis: how could we care about the Olympic building? I am sure, crisis will not affect the preparation for the Games at all. If there is money, objects in Sochi will be constructed very quickly. And there is money, after all the state stands for the Olympic Games. The Games-2014 are no trifle. Look how the first persons of the

state have got down to sports! Take for example the international forum"Russia — is the sports power», held in Kazan. The only thing that disturbs me, — army reforms. There are only CSKA, and sport club in Samara remained. And army sport clubs in Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Chita, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk are almost destroyed. And our «winter» champions — biathlonists, skiers train in these cities …

«We have been waiting for the new Olympic Games for 30 years»
Alexey Dudchenko, the world and Europe champion in sports acrobatics:

— I do not know, how building in Sochi goes, but, considering the fact that the Olympic Games are the national priority of Russia, there is no question about level of firms and enterprises participating in the state project. Their selection is very strict and allows to create free competition which will lead to improvement of work quality. Sports objects in Sochi will become one of the

best in the world and will meet modern requirements. I read the Strategy of development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation till 2020 approved recently. It seems to me, that this is one of the important events before the Olympic Games. «Sports» is a household word today, therefore the plan of action, written in Strategy will take shape of a large scale. Our country has been waiting for the new Olympic Games for almost 30 years — since 1980.