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«It is profitable for the majority of building companies to work with government orders»

¹ 6 (2009)
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For them it is the guaranteed budgetary financing and loading of production capacities the next three years, the president of the Russian builders Union Vladimir Yakovlev explains.

— To the Olympic Games in Sochi it is necessary to construct more than 200 sports and infrastruc-tural objects in record-breaking short terms — for three years. The higher Russian officials assert, that it is quite real. Meanwhile, it is impossible to disregard the variety of factors, including deficiency in 60 thousand builders and 180 thousand workers at least. Is it serious problem, in your opinion? And how to solve it?

— China mobilised all available labour for the Olympic Games-2008 preparation. But China is lucky — with its population! Do you need 50 thousand builders? Here you are! 100 thousand? Not a problem too. Whereas in Great Britain, preparing to hold the Olympic Games-2012, the problem of shortage of hands is a burning issue, despite the inflow of guest workers from the Eastern Europe. It is clear, that Sochi will be experiencing building boom in the nearest years. Labour migration is inevitable, and there is no aim to protect the main Russian building from inflow of external labour.

— According to representatives of «Olympstroy»company, from the beginning of2009 the interest of the building companies to the project «Sochi-2014» has considerably increased. Who — Russians or foreigners — have more chances to get the Olympic orders?

— All companies have chance. But mainly the domestic take part in tenders, as far as I know. And their interest is quite justified and welcomed. There was also a number of the initiatives connected with participation of the companies from the CIS countries — they were invited specially for construction of some cultural objects. And the requirements also should be toughened — in respect of quality of works. As it happens now — introduction of self-regulation system leads to «cleaning» the market from unfair builders, phony companies.

— Performing in summer at conference call of the president with plenipotentiaries in federal districts, the plenipotentiary in South Federal region Vladimir Ustinov expressed doubt, that national personnel can take part in Olympic tenders, as it is easier to deliver Turkish and Chinese one. Do you believe it is really so?

— I can remind you the reaction of the president to this statement: «You have all tools in your hands, teach them (responsible for tenders)»… By law, tender procedure should be absolutely opened, transparent, without any preferences for participants. All Russian building companies in accordance with general practice have possibility to take part in it.

— Experts call the last year's Olympic Games in Beijing the Olympic Games-standard. What Russia could adopt from the Chinese experience of designing and building of sports objects and infrastructure?

— In China were used non-standard, original and even bizarre decisions. There is a question: whether they are necessary in Russia? They have plain, huge empty spaces, we have mountains and the sea… Billions of federal roubles are invested now into development of Sochi. And what will be with all the constructed objects after the Olympic Games? They should work effectively for the good of people. It is necessary to plan accurately for this purpose. Professional wisdom says: «Good builders build not only for the present, but also for the future».

Author: Artem Vasilyev