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Hospitality test

¹ 6 (2009)
Viewed: 2011

The aim of the program «Sochi — is a hospitable city» — the creation of the unique territory, comfortable for life and rest, was presented by the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov.

— Annually, in Sochi, having more than 100-year-old resort experience, are spent more than 40 art and cultural international festivals, more than 150 sports competitions of various levels. Being a city-resort №1 in Russia, Sochi receives more than 4 million of holidaymakers a year. Accordingly, it is experienced enough in skill of hospitality.

However, we would like to raise Sochi service on higher level. The program «Sochi — is a hospitable city» is aimed at the creation of the first city in Russia, answering the international standards of hospitality, the city where environment answers the European quality standards.

Having desire, to have possibility. The program «Sochi…» is based on achievement of all key indicators of the hospitality, typical for the European cities and dictated by Application book obligations and IOC requirements. We were totally assigned 79 indicators of hospitality in 14 spheres. They can be divided into four groups. The first — infrastructure. It should be characterised by sufficiency of capacities and comfort of their use: hotel rooms, restaurant seats, transport and parking network, suitable conditions for handicapped persons… The second — service level. It is necessary to provide the sphere of services with professional, benevolent, English-speaking personnel, various quality kitchen, equipped tourist routes… The third — inhabitants. They should be affable, tolerant, share Olympic values, become the bearers of the ecological behaviour.

The fourth — marketing. It is necessary to use the Olympic occasion as the way of additional promotion of Sochi and Russia, demonstration of the new image of the country, opened to the external world, interesting, clear and transparent.

Personnel pyramid

It is planned to create also multilingual portal and a network of tourist offices having all information about the city, hotels, restaurants, work of transport, cultural events, with possibility of Internet booking and tickets purchase.

To raise service level, it is necessary to motivate business, on the one hand, and on the other hand — to change structurally the system of professional personnel training in Sochi. The project «professional training Pyramid» is accented for convenience on three target audiences. The first — are top-managers of hotels and restaurants who undergo training programs in the international schools. The second — are line managers and front-office employees of the enterprises of service sphere, who are trained in the Center of the professional personnel training. And the third — are service staff, who work through their practical skills on the basis of the training hotels.

Later — everywhere

The general growth of financing of the program makes more than 75 billion roubles, 60% of them — are off-budget means. Due to its realisation, the unique city with comfortable residing conditions will be created on the basis of Sochi. The main part of our technologies could become municipal government practice in the country, that is our experience would become the object of a heritage for the urbanistic environment in Russia.