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We need to make Sochi French Riviera

¹ 6 (2009)
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The developers of the concept «The heritage of the Games» consider French Riviera as the example of proper distribution of functions between separate territories within the limits of one resort, told the deputy minister of regional development of Russia Yury Reylyan.

— During the so-called investment boom of 20002008 we realised at last, that not all investments change the world for the bettter. The concept the concept «The heritage of the Games» should provide dynamical development of the Big Sochi as universal resort taking into account the fact, that new considerable transport, hotel, sports and service infrastructure will be founded there by 2014.

«Differ or die!»

The phenomenon of the Big Sochi as a health resort, where there is everything for everybody, and, where all services are united, began in Soviet period. Meanwhile, the resorts continue to exist according to the well-known marketing law «Differ or die». Silent medical resorts considerably differ from entertaining, bourgeois resorts — from the youth and creative ones. And the specialisation of such regions increases.

Defining the aim for the Big Sochi to become the world level resort, it is possible to consider French Riviera as prototype and model. We took it for a basis as the example of proper distribution of functions between separate territories within the limits of one resort. There is prudish bourgeois Nice — the centre of expensive cars, restaurants, hotels and services. And nearby — the well-known Cannes aimed at attraction of the other category — creative public. Therefore Cannes are taken for Nice antipode.

«Do not try to sell beer and perfume»

— A friend of mine answered a question why he had gone to Sochi to work, but not to have a rest: «If I want noisy rest, I will go to Ibiza, if silent — to SPA-resort, and in Sochi I can get everything at once». The other expert — is even more frank: «It is possible to sell beer and roach, but do not try to sell beer and perfume».

The Big Sochi territory is bigger than Moscow. I think, all existing specialisations will be located there, and a lot of them will appear.

Lazarevskaya is the very important region of the Big Sochi situated at the entrance to the city. Here will be developed traditional family reresort, inexpensive cosy hotels, paid parking places, the middle price service and the clean sea. The resort will «catch» more than one million tourists and relieve the central part of the Big Sochi. The central region is a respectable area where the new quay will be founded. It will become the centre of evening rest with a lot of greenery, with a lot of restaurants. Adler should remain big tourist centre, where small private hotels and large hotels will be combined. Imeretinka — is the single place in Sochi where there is sand. Luxurious five-star hotels will be situated at the seaside, a little farther^— three-stars hotels. The amusement park — one of the best in Europe and in the world, and the-year-round congress expocentre will be created.

Krasnaya Polyana will help to get the real resort of the European level. A challenge to Krasnaya Polyana — is an autonomy of investors actions, therefore it is necessary to unite their efforts.

Cultural spring and business autumn

— A serious challenge to the Big Sochi is seasonal prevalence. We are going to organise a cycle of the year-round events called «Sochi cultural spring», and also the international forum «Business autumn». Besides, it is proposed to use the training tourism, developing at the high rate and seeking after the cheap rooms.