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Expensive, but good bargain

¹ 6 (2009)
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New objects will allow Sochi to develop in spheres of economy, business, culture, tourism, employment, predicts the chairman of the National institute of assistance to a stable development and improvement of life quality Nikolay Popov.

Unfavourable comparisons

— According to the various data, from 330 billion to 1 trillion roubles are going to be spent for the Sochi Olympic Games. The sum is astronomical. For all the history of Olympic movement the organizers had not ever  spent so much money for winter Games. Already two cities have welcomed the White Olympic Games in this millenium: the American Salt-Lake-City and the Italian Turin, the Canadian Vancouver is the next. The expenses for the organisation of the Games in these cities are in average 3–4 times less, than in the Russian Sochi.

Advertising — is the resort engine

— Sochi is being prepared not only for the Olympic Games, but also for the title of the international resort — both in summer, and in winter. Certainly, tourists should be attracted by such new skiing resorts, as «Rosa Khutor» and «Alpica-Service». But advertising is also necessary for tourism development. In booklets and folders for tourists there should be the information about skiing Sochi resorts. Cooperation with foreign travel agencies should come to higher level.

Real Utopia

— After the ending of the Games-2014, the government is going to use: Olympic stadium — as football arena; the skating centre — as the exhibition centre, the Ice palace of sports — as the business and exhibition centre; bobsleighing track, «Rosa Khutor», «Alpica-Service»and «Khrebet Psehako» complexes, and also curling arena — as the national training base and the centre of the international competitions.

New possibilities

According to the forecast of social and economic development, in 2009–2011 there will be constructed more than 2,1 million sq. metres of housing in Sochi. As a result, the housing in the city will increase from 18,2 sq. metres per person in 2007 to 20,8 sq. metres in 2011. For comparison: in Moscow there were 21 sq. metres per person in 2008.









 Expenses for the Olympic Games/$ billion




Quantity of the sports objects constructed for the Olympic Games




Quantity of the hotels constructed for the Olympic Games



Number of the touricts who have visited the Olympic Games/million people