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Heritage and successors

¹ 6 (2009)
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On the prospects of development of Sochi «Olympic Bulletin» told by top managers.

«The Olympic-park needs the manager»

Bulat Stolyarov, the director of the regional policy Institute — the company-developer of programs «Sochi — is a hospitable city» and «The Heritage of the Games»:

— One of the urgent questions — is the appearance of the professional successor. The faster, the better, if there is a company, which will manage the Olympic-park. It is necessary already to plan the economically effective life of sports objects. The class of the sportsmen living and training in Sochi should correspond to this level. For example, the city football team should be taken to the Top League till 2013, there should be allocated additional means — from 7 to 10 million dollars. The aim is not only regular performance of our football players in the European Cups, but also full use of the Central stadium a year before the Games, and then, — after their ending.

«We reconstruct the whole city»

Arthur Markaryan, the president of National development association:

— The Olympic heritage — is a theme, which for the last months has been very popular with the participants of different conferences and round tables. As a matter of fact, there began a discussion — what is Sochi itself, taking into account all changes, which should occur? Not only in the course of preparation for the Games, but in prospect. Within the limits of this discussion we recollect what Sochi looked like in the last 40-50 years. The project, which is being developed today, is unique for our country: we reconstruct the whole city, and not only the city, but also hinterland. People, who are engaged into it, study world experience, try to broadcast it, to adopt the best developments and to consider errors, which were committed in other places.

«The decision will be unanimous and complex»

Vladimir Korotaev, the main architect of the State Unitary Enterprise the Research Planning Institute of the Moscow master plan:

— In spite of the fact that in the Big Sochi separate cluster with various specialisations will appear, the solution of many key problems will be unanimous and complex. This problem demands not one year of realisation, but its solution will allow to raise the city status to a resort number one. The status of the Imeretinskaya valley is raised by the creation of the main objects there, by the development of exhibition activity. The Sochi quay is the face of the city. Certain questions are — railway station and seaport. These are objects we are proud of, but they were made by our ancestors. The central Sochi — is the optimum cluster. All objects are local, the work on them is well-organized and intensive. It is very good, that the Olympic university was moved here from the Imeretinskaya valley.

«Sochi is in the other paradigm»

Oleg Tinkov, the founder of restaurant network Tinkoff:

— I can show a broad view at the investments into Sochi on my own example. We invested in restaurant and brewery four years before the city has won Guatemala competition. Our company has always been trusted and trusts in Sochi. I consider, that it has the unique competitive advantage. It is in the other paradigm. All European, Turkish and other world resorts were constructed 50 years ago. The resort of Sochi is erected, as a matter of fact, from point zero. It is necessary to apply new technologies, including Internet- and energy-efficient. The youth grows, it is online, mobile, and everybody will come here. Why to go somewhere else, if at two-hour flight there will be a comfortable zone of rest with the new technologies, new types of transport and other.

«The risk is to make a foreign clone»

Andrey Volkov, the rector of the Moscow management school of «Skolkovo»:

— It is necessary to prepare 25 thousand of volunteers for the Olympic Games, 18 thousand of them should have specialisation: in sphere or IT, or transport. Also it is the obvious contribution to the qualifying capital of our country. It is necessary to run risks and involve other educational institutions in this process. The second risk is — to postpone knowledge problem for the future. Now there is the tranfer of knowledge about the realising of the Olympic project. The best channel of their translation is Russian International Olympic University. The third risk — is the attempt to make a clone. To move the Lausanne sports school, the Madrid or Manchester programs to Sochi — means to doom itself to long backlog. It is necessary to create special structure and to involve interesting experts and students to the school of sports management.

«Do not to think about communication while having a rest»

Anton Kolpakov, the general director of «Rostelecom» company — the general partner of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014»:

— There is a slogan: communication works good, when you forget about it. We would like, that people who come to have a rest in Sochi, would forget about communication. It is necessary for the operator to have full access to the infrastructure. According to the information that I have, there is a monopoly in Sochi hotels: at the best there is one point of access to network WiFi. And frequently using this point costs additional money for the client. Is it possible to speak about comfort and hospitality? There should be free competition, but not in the form of price wars. The civilised approach would allow investors to develop, and consumers — to receive the full list of services. And services should be given by operators, instead of hotels.