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Broad view at «bottlenecks»

¹ 6 (2009)
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On example of the Olympic Games in Turin and Vancouver, «Reporter» has made the list of the main problems which organizers of the Games in Sochi can face.

The Russian authorities have proclaimed their aim to make the Olympic Games in Sochi «the very best» — the most convenient, the most innovative, the most ecologic, the most safety. As a matter of fact, the project «Sochi-2014» should show to the world community, what the country — the mistress of XXII winter Games is capable of. However, money is not  everything. It is necessary to consider a number of «bottlenecks» which can spoil the impression of the best Olympic Games. According to the «Reporter», the experience of predecessors will be useful for Sochi — Turin, which held the XX winter Games in February, 2006, and Vancouver, which will hold the XXI winter Games in February, 2010.


Now there is a single two-lane road connecting Adler and Krasnaya Polyana. In the program of Olympic building there is combined highway and the railway road. There will be laid single-track railroad on the left bank or the river Mzymta with six junctions, allowing to transport 12 thousand passengers every hour. The combination of possibilities will allow to provide the delivery of 20 thousand passengers an hour, that corresponds to the highest standards. Transport plans of the organizers of the Sochi Games are grandiose and ambitious. It is already obvious, that builders will face strict time trouble. To have time to deliver the Adler — Krasnaya Polyana road by 2013, it is necessary to cut through 500 metres of tunnels a month… The underground helped to cope with passenger traffic in million Turin — it was under consruction for five years and costed 600 million euro. But there were problems with getting to places of competitions. In spite of the fact, that the mountain track was quite good, sportsmen and fans complained: it took them up to five hours sometimes to get from one object to the other sometimes.

The Canadians also have difficulties. Participants and visitors of Games will live in two Olympic villages. A bridge connects two points with three lines in each direction through Burrard-Inlet, where can be jams, as it is quite a narrrow place.


For the Sochi Games two Olympic villages will be constructed, the main of them will be situated at the Black sea coast, the International experience additional — in mountains. That is sportsmen will live close to objects, where they should make a brilliant display of their skills. And what is to be done with fans? For accomodation of visitors and participants of the Sochi Games it is planned to give 6 348 five-star rooms, 17 483 — four-star rooms, 24 016 — three-star rooms and 9 052 two-star rooms. In total — 57 368 rooms. Figures are serious enough, and the IOC is satisfied with them. However, it is necessary to be ready that the number of visitors will exceed forecasts. In due time the Organizing committee of the Turin Olympic Games addressed to townspeople with the official request to lease their houses during competitions, as it was found out that the constructed hotels are not enough.


Not once it was emphasized, that the IOC decision to give the Olympic Games to Sochi was caused in many respects by the unique environment in places for competitions. It is declared from the highest tribunes about the priority attention to the Caucasian state natural biospheric reserve. However, the power and ecologists can not find mutual understanding in some points. Scientists pay attention to another serious threat also. According to their estimation, the water drain designed for the city with the population of 240 thousand persons (now in so-called Big Sochi already live more than 400 thousand) is in a critical condition, and one-time inflow of a great number of people can cause real ecological catastrophe accompanied with sea water pollution and epidemic break out.


The Olympic Games, rivetting the looks of all the world, — is the ideal place for acts of terrorism and provocations, and possibilities, and also impudence of those who makes them, constantly grow. We can only guess, what is the price and what efforts should be applied to provide the safety competitions in Russia. The Sochi Games will be held tin immidiate proximity to Abkhazia, which is considered to be a part of Georgia, which last hopes to get back, even by force. The North Caucasus also looks more sleeping, than an extinct volcano. In Turin many people complained of difficulties in moving between the Olympic objects, of difficult and inefficient system of checks and accreditations. Russian authorities can hardly be suspected in greater softness. However, it is quite possible to make so, that their work was subtle and unnoticeable. After all, when there is always special squad soldier with the terrible face and the gun near you, watching the competitions and especially participation in them can hardly give any pleasure.

Author: Sergey Semyonov