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To stop an avalanche

¹ 6 (2009)
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Group of companies «Goripmex», French company «MND group» and their partners in Russia have been working for some years at the decision of problems of protection against avalanches on Krasnaya Polyana — the place of holding the Olympic Games-2014.

The group of companies «Gorimpex» is the unique supplier of the equipment of active influence on a snow cover in Russia. In 1989 the Frenchman Schippers developed the newest system Gazex, used for preventive processing of slopes. From the beginning of manufacturing about 1800 Gazex systems were installed. The product was mostly distributed in the Alpes, but the USA and Canada — the countries with old ski history and traditions keep up with them. Gazex advantages: simple operation, even in extremely hard weather conditions, which do not influence on the system work (due to remote control); availability (the system works with the mix of oxygen and propane) and obvious cheapness (the system is sold in any region of Russia; the cost price of one «shot» — 50 roubles).

Preventive processing of slopes is spent from valley, that is during snowfall there is no necessity to climb the mountains for shooting, — it is enough to give a signal from avalanche service station, and then, by means of special control system (radio or GSM) to obtain all data about the results of the made actions. The first system Gazex in Russia appeared in 2002, when ski resort Alpica-Service began expansion to the alpine zone. All systems delivered to Krasnaya Polyana perform extremely important function — to prevent the descent of huge avalanche, which can do great harm to people and to resort infrastructure.