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Olympic interchange

¹ 6 (2009)
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«Mostotryad-10» is building five objects of the program «Sochi-2014».

This year was successful for «Mostotryad-10» company. It is already possible to say, that the bridge across river Don on Siversa street would be probably finished next year. For the ending of works it is needed 3 billion roubles. According to the director of the company Alexander Goloshivets, the minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin supports the offer of Rostov region administration to finish building of the bridge ahead of time, in 2010, and promises assistance in assignment of means.

Also «Mostotryad» is building five objects of the Olympic program. One overpass on Sochi road detour is already delivered to the state commission.

As for the other four objects — the building of transport interchange «Adlerovskoye koltso», transport interchange «Stadion», railway overpass of the air station complex (Adler station — the airport) and the bridge across river Mzymta of the railway line Adler — Veseloye — the works are being done according to the contract.

The volume of «Mostotryad» work has increased more than for 50%. If by the end of 2008 the company had drawn about 2 billion roubles, this year the sum has grown up to 4 billion. Accordingly, the staff has grown also — from 1200 to 2000 persons.

In 2010 «Mostotryad» is going to finish not only the building of bridge on Siversa street, but also Olympic objects ahead of time. The building of bridge is on the first place by the construction scale. It it of special importance not only for the Rostov region, but also for all South Federal region. For today the main works on mounting of the upper bay with its installation on abutment are completely finished. The 30% of lower metal bay are mounted also. It is supposed to finish metal installation completely next year in June. Sochi objects are also difficult. There is specificity: building of bridges and interchanges is made in the conditions of the resort city.

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