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«Olympic character means — the sportsman can surprise himself»

¹ 6 (2009)
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If you have character, it is possible to win, even if nobody expects it from you, is assured Irina Vyatchanina — the trainer of the well-known Russian swimmers Arcady Vyatchanin and Yulia Efimova.

Children understand what they want in life

— Actors often say in their interviews, that in every possible way they dissuade their children from following in parents footsteps. Because they have felt this terrible work on their own back. And did you try to «protect» your son Arcady Vyatchanin from sports?

— Arcady began to swim when he was eight years old. He had no choice: his mother — is the trainer, his father — is the ninefold champion of Russia and the trainer too. Arcady has grown up in pool.

— Arcady, as well as your another pupil Yulia Efimova, was born in April, under the sign of fire. How it is to work with «fiery» children?

— It is very good. They are children who understand what they want in life. They did not have time for discos, for walks. It was not necessary to force them to train. I do not train those, who need to be watched over. The are not sportsmen.

— Does it mean, that you do not belong to those authoritative trainers who watch over each movement of the charges?

— The sportsman will not manage without the trainer, it is clear. The outsider's viewpoint is very important. The trainer shares thoughts, does preliminary outline, but his pupil, if he is talented, also uses creative approach in process. That is called the liaison, the trainer — the sportsman. Training is not the mechanical movement of feet and hands.

To make better and to punish the rival

— On April, 28th, 2009 Yulia Efimova established two world records, which she was deprived of according to the decision of the International Federation of water kinds of sports. How did Yulia react to this injustice?

— The officials considered that the «forbidden» X-GLYDE bathing suit helped Yulia to win. Though, restrictions for this suits were introduced on May, 19th only. The records were taken away retroactively. Yulia has told — it's all right, I will prove I am the best, and not a bathing suit all the same! During the championship in Rome, many swimmers were dressed in polyurethane bathing suits, which, pushing out the sportsman on a surface, allow to increase speed. However, Yulia did not risk. And she won.

— In Beijing Arcady Vjatchanin started with a fever, and then it appeared, that it was necessary to cross a distance again. Looking at your sick child, didn't you want to let things go hang, to wrap up your child and to give him tea with a raspberry?

— I said: «Son, these are the Olympic Games. You wished to perform and you have been training so much! If you refuse now, you will never forgive yourself!» And he has swum! The medal was taken with blood and sweat, and real Olympic character.

— What forms this mysterious Olympic character?

— Tennis player Nikolay Davydenko said a good phrase after his victory in annual London tournament: «I have surprised myself». Precisely. Olympic character — is the character of the winner: the sportsman is not satisfied with the already achieved results, he wishes to surprise everybody. Including himself.

Stars from the reservoir

— Do you feel support from the states? The president has presented gifts to you…

— Yes, the gifts are chic. It is for the first time. After the Games in Beijing, Arcady was presented BMW. Sponsors are attracted now, bonus programs are introduced. Sportsmen get a possibility to earn more.

— Are there Russian school swimming secrets, which foreigners would like to adopt?

O-oo! They would like to adopt much. We are creative people, we have less bans, we experiment more. And they have dogma, which they are afraid to depart from.

The file

Irina Vyatchanina is the honoured trainer of Russia, borned in Vorkuta. The champion and the record-holder of Komi Republic. The trainer since 1973. In 1999 she moved to Taganrog — to «improve» swimming on Don on the invitation of the Ministry of sports and tourism of the Rostov region. The instructor of stars of a world scale. Trains her own son — the repeated champion of Europe and twice the bronze prize-winner of the Olympic Games Arcady Vyatchanin, and also the world champion Yulia Efimova, who won the first gold for Russia in women swimming.

Author: Irina Varlamova