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If you want — be healthy!

¹ 6 (2009)
Viewed: 2018

Availability of sports for the vast majority of children, propaganda of a healthy way of life in mass-media, development of official sports medicine, finance drawing in business branch — are the topics of the All-Russian forum «Russia — is the sports power» in Kazan.

Unhealthy ambitions

According to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, only every tenth schoolboy not aged 16 has no problems with health, two thirds of them have chronic diseases. — These figures can not but alert, — the head of the state has declared. — we are obliged to make everything to make sports accessible to the vast majority of children and teenagers. Rather ambitious aims are sounded: the next years it is necessary to give to 80% of schoolboys the access to physical culture, to increase the number of adult sportsmen-amateurs.

The alternative to the reality show «Dom-2»

It is necessary to restore not only objects of the sport industry, but also to put our heads in order.

— We are not able to propagandise sports, — the minister of sports of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko was categorical. — 50 million roubles which are now allocated for its propaganda, — are «crocodile tears». According to the minister, still the big ideological competition to a healthy way of life is made by entertainment events of doubtful spiritual value:

— Watch «Sports week» on «Sports» channel — there is only negative. It will soon be renamed to «Ros-siya-2». The word «Sports» leaves, the socially-youth channel will work instead of it, where they will show something like the reality show «Dom-2»

Oligarchs set the fashion

The power's great hopes are connected with activity of  businessmen — they are offered to pay attention to the investment projects in sphere of sports infrastructure, and also to think about sponsoring activity. The good example — Russian Olympians' Support Fund, where 15 largest businessmen of the country have acted as founders. Among them are — Roman Abramovich, who has become famous in due time for his liking to English football club «Chelsea». Now his money, as well as money of his colleagues-oligarchs Oleg Deripaska, Vladimir Potanin, Dmitry Pumpyansky and others, are invested in domestic talents.

The stake on official sports medicine

The Russian Olympians' Support Fund brings also political dividends. In particular, the heads of Russia have found mutual understanding with the medical director of the IOC, doctor Patrick Shamash, in such delicate question, like doping control.

— On the basis of powerful medical clinics the medical centres will be organised, — the Olympic champion and the vice-president of the State Duma Svetlana Zhurova has offered an effective method of struggle against a dope. — here it is possible to create such things, which will help sportsmen to restore health better, than any «magic pill».

Idea the double

The Games-2014 have many aspects: for sportsmen they are holiday, for investors — business, and for officials — policy. The last should realise: the Olympic project — is rather a venture. Let's try to assume: Russia has an idea «securing» the promotion of Sochi. Successful modernisation of amateur sports at country scale with the use of the Olympic Games — is not less grandiose project, than reconstruction of the capital in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Anti-crisis simulator

The exhibition within the frameworks of a forum «Modern sports. Innovations and prospects» offered its obvious anti-crisis measures.

The cost of the presented equipment, not conceding to the western analogues, — is 5–7 times less. And a budget money invested into its acquisition, will be, certainly, successfully compensated, at least at the expense of reduction of paid «sick-lists».

One of the most informal cases of a forum occurred at the stand of official Russian national team supplier — «Forward» company. There were no suitable sizes of sportswear for Dmitry Medvedev, which the company wanted to present to the president. While they were going for a jacket and trousers, Dmitry Anatolyevich left his autograph on a white shirt from a new collection of the company. Certainly, the shirt with a presidential stroke «has gone up in price» in times, however, they refused to sell it point-blank.

Author: Oleg Petrushin