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Political races

¹ 6 (2009)
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Russia reality: athletes need to be politicians no less than the policy in athletes.Russia reality: Athletes need to be politicians no less than the policy in athletes.

Expansion of professional sportsmen into the power has got mass character last years. Having won love and respect of compatriots for successes at stadiums, they are without any effort elected for different state posts — from the deputy of local government to the senator. Political parties use their authority with pleasure — both for real work, and as «steam». The Russian Duma of present (fifth) convocation — is the most «sporting» in the history. Almost 25 of 450 deputies are former professional sportsmen and sports heads. Seven sportsmen are at the Federation Council, about fifty — in regional parliaments.

The insurance from vital cataclysms

Why sportsmen go to a policy? The lifetime of a person in big sports is short. The question is inevitable: what next? It is known that a lot of sportsmen break down at this stage — they cannot adapt for usual life. The sportsman who has achieved great victories due to his talent and diligence is, certainly, the person with positive image. And image in politics is the key to success. Just founded party «Edinstvo» showed in 1999 how to use the person of the sportsman for achievement of political result. At formation of the first three it counted on the minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Sergey Shoigu, the colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Gurov and fighter Alexander Karelin. The experiment proved its value — «Edinstvo won in the elections of the State Duma of the third convocation. Since then, its legal successor «Edinaya Rossiya» constantly uses sportsmen in political strike. Admission of national football team to the party together with trainers and service staff in 2004 became apogee.

A piece of cake

Sportsmen are also not always enthusiastic about political ambitions of their colleagues. «The today's mass campaign of sportsmen in policy reminds me a flu epidemic, — declares the boxer Nikolay Valuev. — I have no doubt that sportsmen-politicians pursue noble purposes, but, probably, their names are just used for advertising». Similar generalisations, however, are not always justified. Experts give credit for Vyacheslav Fetisov — the strongest fullback in the history of hockey, he was heading Federal agency of culture and sports for four years. At it The branch financing increased at his heading, there was founded the council under the sports president, target programs were developed.

Perhaps, it is possible to consider Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the most well-known sportsman-politician in the world. Sevenfold «Mr. Olympia» (the most prestigious award in professional body-building), he was elected for the post of the governor of California, becoming the first head of this state, who was born outside the USA. Political scientists are assured: if Schwarzenegger had the right to stand for the post of the president of the country, he would win by all means.

It is not possible to combine. And still the majority of parties are interested in sportsmen on peak of their fame. Though it is obvious: it is almost impossible to combine sports and political career. The forward of Russian national football team Roman Pavluchenko was elected the deputy of the Stavropol municipal duma, though he was living in London and playing for local «Tottenham». The virtual deputy in the same Duma was also the Olympic figure skating champion Elena Berezhnaya.

The forward of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin managed to work in Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg for some time and kick the balls for London «Arsenal». Who won more — policy or sports — is a moot point.

Russian sportsmen in power



 Sport merits



 Sport merits

Alexander Karelin, Greco-Roman tfyle

The deputy of the State Duma

The triple Olympic champion

Alina Kabaeva, arti&ic gymnatfics

The deputy of the State Duma, Member of Public chamber

The repeated Olympic and world champion on art gymnatfics

Svetlana Khorkina, sportgymnatfics

 The deputy of the State Duma

The double Olympic champion, the triple absolute world champion

Vladislav Tretyak, ice-hockey tfyle

The president of Russian hockey Federation, the first deputy of the chairman of the State Duma committee of physical training, sports and youth

 The triple Olympic champion, the 10-fold world champion

Evgeny Plushenko, figure skating

The deputy of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg

The Olympic champion, the triple world champion

Anton Sikharulidze, figure skating

the chairman of the State Duma committee for physical training, sports and youth

The Olympic champion, the double world champion

Svetlana Zhurova, skating

Ćīńäóģū The vice-president of the State Duma

The Olympic champion

Vyacheslav Fetisov, ice-hockey

 The member of the Federation Council of youth and tourism, the chairman of the AU-Russian volunteer society «Sportivnaya Rossiya»

The double Olympic champion, the sevenfold world champion

Irina Rodnina, figure skating

The councilor under the president of the Russian Federation of physical training and sports, the member of Public chamber

The triple Olympic champion, the tenfold world champion

Author: Sergey Semyonov