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«Stop wearing out the seat of your trousers!»

¹ 6 (2009)
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After the hint of the president, a whole number of sports federations lost their heads — the high-ranking officials.

In October Dmitry Medvedev charged the government and administration of the president with the commission, «which concerns people heading our sports federations». «They should be headed by the professionals — people who will work for sports 24 hours a day — he declared at the opening of the All-Russian forum»Russia — is the sports power" in Kazan. — It is necessary to work, stop wearing out the seat of your trousers, stop spending all time on business trips abroad! Let the officials head the council of trustees of federation".

No sooner said than done. To the middle of November at least one and a half ten VIPs left their posts in sports federations.

Russian officials in sports

The surname of the official

 «Civil» position

 «Sports» position

The surname of the official

 «Civil» position

 «Sports» position

 Vitaly Mutko

The minister of sports of the Russian Federation

The president of the Russian football union

 Sergey Naryshkin

The head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation

The president of the AU-Russian swimming federation

 Alexander Zhukov

 The vice-premier of the government of the Russian Federation

 The president of the Russian chess federation

 Arcady Dvorkovich

The economy assistant to the president of the Russian Federation

 The vice-president of the Russian chess federation

 Vladimir Kozhi

chartered secretary of the president of the Russian Federation

 The president of Association of winter Olympic kinds of sports

 Sergey Lavrov

 The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

 The president of Russian rowing slalom Federation

 Nikolay Patrushev

The secretary of Security council of the Russian Federation

The president of the AU-Russian volleyball federation

 Igor Levitin

 The minister of transport of the Russian Federation

The president of Russian table tennis Federation

 Sergey Shakhray

 The head of the Chamber of Accounts apparat

The president of Russian National badminton federation

Gennady Burbulis

The adviser of the chairman of the council of Federation of the Russian Federation

The president of Russian short-track Federation

Vladimir Shamanov

Commander-in-chief of airborne troops

The president of the Russian Tae kwon do union

 Evgeny Murov

 The head of the Federal Security Service

 The president of Russian boxing Federation

 Valentina Matvienko

 The governor of St.-Petersburg

The president of St.-Petersburg tennis Federation

 Dmitry Zelenin

 The governor of the Tver region

 The president of the AU-Russian sailing Federation

Author: Sergey Semyonov