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Will eminent sportsman make a curve political furrow?

¹ 6 (2009)
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Experts of the «Olimpic Reporter» talk about the people of the dispute, making a career in government.

«We do not spoil the overall picture»

Svetlana Zhurova, the Olympic champion, the vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

— Whether sportsmen are necessary in Duma? I think, they at least do not spoil the overall picture. Many people say, that we are too young, we do not have professional and life experience for lawmaking. But, after all, there was time, when the youngest member of the Politbureau already entered his sixties, and still it was difficult to call them wise men. I think, we are not the worst representatives of the Russian youth in power branches. We have already made ourselves in sports and still have motivation to perfection. We have education, strength, and desire to help the country. And we are ready to learn, and there couldn't be too much competent politicians, legislators and managers, in my opinion.

«There are no sportsmen in power»

Vitaly Ivanov, the director of politics and state law Institute:

— Actually, there are no sportsmen in power. The State Duma — is not power, though, formally it is. Duma is a screen, which covers the actions of the real power. Despite the fact, that there are a lot of sportsmen in the lower chamber, they do not play any real part, actually. The real power is the government, Presidential Administration, state corporations, large power and financial structures, and there are no sportsmen. So, I estimate real participation of sportsmen in political life of the country comes to nought. It was much more appreciable in 1990, when real elections took place, and it was easier for popular people to get to authorities, at least local, and not as «big shots», but for real work.

«Politics — is the way to glory and money»

Irina Vyatchanina, the honoured trainer of Russia, the coach of world champions Arcady Vyatchanin and Yulia Efimova:

— People, who have gone through big sports, have got used to defend the honour of their native land, have got used to fair struggle, they wish to continue struggle. And why not in politics? Politics, as well as sports, is the way to become famous, to raise yourself. And it is the way to money. The well-known swimmer Alexander Popov is the IOC member now, his colleague Denis Pankratov is the vice-president of swimming federation. We can also name Alexander Karelin, Kostya Tszyu… Sports have become the commerce of our society. There are no money for prospect. I think, sportsmen who go to politics, will «struggle» to get them. Though, all depends on the person. The human factor is always present — both at sports, and in the politics.

«Sportsmen in politics — is a warning for the society»

Alexey Titkov, the expert of the Moscow Carnegie centre:

— The considerable number of sportsmen is concentrated in the Federation Council. There are a lot of them in the State Duma, after the present convocation election. It is a warning for the society: it is necessary to think what these authorities are in reality, whether they do what they should do? After all, it is obvious, that the majority of recent champions get titles for their feats, but not for their abilities to govern the country and write laws. Though, as it seems to me, some of them could be also successful in real political activity: they are young, vigorous, hardworking, can quickly fill in the gaps in their knowledge. And the deep feeling of patriotism in them is very strong, and it is important in state administration business.