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Exhibition of Olympic achievements

¹ 6 (2009)
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After his visit to the Olympic capital of the world, the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov returned home with firm intention to open the branch of the Lausanne Olympic museum in Sochi.

The example of the «Reporter» is infectious?

Having visited the Olympic museum in Lausanne, Anatoly Pakhomov was finally filled with the Olympic spirit and addressed to the museum founder, the honourable president of the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch with the offer to open the branch in Sochi. In responce Samaranch presented to the The Lausanne museum is the exhibition platform for Olympic movement.The main thing is, that sports attributes and presented by sportsmen or organising committees of the Games.

Russian enthusiast a badge with Olympic symbolics and said impressively: «Thank you for thinking about it». The reaction of the working IOC president Jacque Rogge's was more concrete: «It is quite possible».

If Lausanne really tells Sochi: «Yes!», the dreams about museum will become a reality. And the experience of the Swiss colleagues will help Russians to embody their plans in the optimal way.

The legend became the fact

Switzerland has much to be proud of. And it is not only the most perfect bank in the world, the most precise watch, the purest water, the most tasty cheese and chocolate, and the most honest inhabitants. It also a fine legend about sports which unites the people, and which has come true. Peactically, the Olympic museum is the exhibition platform for Olympic movement. It has constant and mobile expositions, a unique collection of 10 thousand things, which have to do with the Olympic Games, the Olympic educational centre, common and video library. At an entrance of the Olympic museum there is a bar for high jumps. Each brave visitor can try his strength and try to overcome the cherished height of 2 metres and 45 centimetres … But the pearl of the museum is the collecion of torches from all the Olympic Games, which were held after the Second World War.

Author: Irina Rodina