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Window into Europe

¹ 6 (2009)
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The Olympic museum and tourist route from Tanais to Sochi — are two wheelers in economic team of capital of the XXII winter Games after 2014, considers the author of the open letter to the President of Russia.

In №3 of the «Olympic Reporter» was published the open letter of the senior research worker of archaeological museum «Tanais» Valery Chesnok to the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with the offer of foundation of the Olympic museum in Sochi on the basis of the archaeological materials found at the research of monuments of the Russian antique epoch, and also about the organisation of the tourist Olympic route from Tanais to Sochi. «Foundation of the Olympic museum will not only remind of continuity, but can become a basis of various educational, propaganda, ideological projects in the field of domestic sports development, in the programs connected with preparation for the future Olympic Games in Russia, — the author of the letter is confident. — The foundation of the Olympic museum will help to display to the public a great amount of museum treasures, will allow to take from the store rooms of the largest and provincial museums of the country a lot of masterpieces having both scientific, art, and public value».

— Valery Fedorovich, have you got the responce to your letter?

— The idea is told and there are discussions on this topic, it is much already. With colleagues from the Krasnodar museum of history and archaeology we have agreed about the organisation of exhibition «The Olympic route of Russia» in Kuban capital next spring. Professors of the oceanology department of the Southern Federal University L.A. Bespalova and O.V. Ivlieva have suggested to develop very interesting and perspective sea project variant. The associate professor of general geography depaetment I.F. Cherkashina together with students will make the ecological analysis of a route next year. We hold negotiations with the Russian State University of tourism and service in Sochi… Ther is interest.

— Have many of your colleagues museum workers supported your offer?

— Many of them have, but cautiously.

— What are they afraid of?

— Our museums doesn't exist in perfect legal framework, being such feudal structures in the conditions of capitalism.

— The recent appeal of the president to the society to join the discussion of reforms also concerns museums and tourism branch directly connected with them.

— Museum workers can formulate a problem clearly. But to maintain the rules for carrying out the project and for working route, is the question to the government. Then market mechanisms turn on — the infrastructure of middle business — the organisation of rest, travel, interactive forms, educational programs. Actually, everithing exists already, but only at the local level and works at a quarter-strength.

— Do you believe, the idea of Olympic museum is lucky?

— Certainly. And it is to be created in the field of new technologies like all Olympic objects are created.

— What is the Olympic idea, in your opinion?

— Humanism, unselfishness and certain sanctity in competitive culture.

— Sanctity?

— The sanctity halo of victories in antique Games can surprise, cause a smile or bewilderment today. It is really difficult to understand — the other world, the other people, the other attitude to time and to public ideals.

We can feel, that the level of those ideals is high and unachievable for us yet. The victory in Olympia had absolute value, and not only at the moment of triumph, but also many years later. Like gold, it did not wane with the lapse of time. Nowadays, psychological, educational factors in preparation of sportsmen get exceptional value. Intelligence, traditions, memory about predecessors achievements appear important, as well as trainings. Europe values the monuments of antique time. On the basis of continuity and traditions it is formed the Olympic idea, and Olympic education.

— Do you realise that creation of the Olympic museum requires considerable means?

— The economic aspect of the project is obvious — grandiose Sochi constructions are not for a single use, all the same. They should be used after the Olympic Games not to appear burden, a wasteful monument. And in this strategic prospect, the creation of the Olympic museum and the organisation of a tourist route — are two wheelers in the economic Sochi team after the Games-2014.

Author: Artem Vasilyev