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Will be a special issue of the international journal «Olimpic reporter»

¹ 6 (2009)
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We invite you to take part in special issue of the international magazine  Olympic Reporter”, which is out in March, 2010. It contains two key themes.

Dear colleagues!

The first theme — the second year of scale Olympic building within the framework of the project “Sochi-2014”. Sports and infrastructural objects which are going to be started or continued in 2010.

The second theme — XXI winter Olympic Games in Vancouver: the rating of the countries-winners; new tendencies in the organization and preparation of the main competitions of the four-year period, their strong and weak sides; lessons for organizers of the next winter Olympic Games — in Sochi; the role of sponsors of sports federations, youthful sports schools and Olympic reserve schools, from where new Olympic champions have come.

Heroes of the issue: the IOC president Jacque Rogge, the prime-minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, vice-premiers Dmitry Kozak and Alexander Zhukov, the minister of sports of Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko, the Krasnodar region governor Alexander Tkachev, the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, the head of the “Interros” holding company Vladimir Potanin, and also the representatives of the Russian and foreign building, developing, investment companies, designers and architects, suppliers of building materials, technical equipment.

There are planned interviews with the “Olympstroy” president Taymuraz Bolloev and its chief architect Oleg Harchenko, with Russian Olympic Committee president Leonid Tyagachev, the committee chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on sports Anton Sikharulidze, and the member of the Russian Federation Council from Kuban Alexander Pochinok.

We pay your attention to the fact that among key themes of special issue there are — deliveries of building materials (metal constructions, cement, brick, rubble, sand, etc.), technical equipment and technologies; creation of the necessary transport infrastructure; the development of engineering-municipal nfrastructure, presupposing the introduction of resourse-saving kinds of the engineering equipment, working out of the scheme of Sochi general clearing, the building of solid domestis waste processing complex, the improvement of water supply and water drain systems.

Among other important themes of special issue: architectural decisions at designing of key sports objects in Sochi; specialities, mostly demanded in course of preparation for the Olympic Games, and also participation of educational institutions in preparation; the general plan for Sochi development till 2032; investments into development of mass and professional sports in regions of Russian Federation; prospects of sports objects' use after the ending of the Games-2014.

Your company's participation in the special edition is a perfect platform for positioning and promoting your product (goods, services), establishing partnership cooperation, consolidating your image and status.

You will get the unique chance to tell about your current and prospective activity, to present it to the representatives of the executive and legislative power, investment and developing companies, contract organizations, etc. You will considerably expand the business contacts, that may lead to new contracts and, as a result, you will get increased production of goods/services, expanded geography and brand capitalization.

Herein you will find enclosed the detailed topical plan of the special edition of the “Olympic Reporter” magazine. For additional information on the magazine, please log on: www.stroyolimpic.ru.

Download editor-in-chief`s letter Maksim Fyodorov (.pdf 124 Kb)
Download the thematic plan of the international magazine “Olympic Reporter” (.pdf 92 Kb)

Author: Maksim Fyodorov