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Farewell to the Olympic fairy tale?

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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We have the answer to the question who is guilty in a failure of the Russian national team on Vancouver Games. We need to get the answer to the other, not less important question — what to do, to avoid relapse on Sochi Games.

— XXI winter Olympic Games have given the chance to realise once again, that, though, there are 6 billion of people, we are a family. Sports give hope, they are the great force liberating, uniting people, bringing peace, — declared the head of Organizing committee «Vancouver-2010» John Furlong at the Games closing ceremony.

«I travel much all over the country. People do not ask about the salary and about economics' situation any more. The first question whenever 1 arrive, — what occurred in Vancouver, what was the problem?» — told Vladimir Putin frankly.

— Games became a holiday, have brought the sea of positive emotions. We became witnesses of the real bravery, will power, tears of regret, — added the IOC president Jacques Rogge.

The thesis about «tears of regret» could take (and certainly took) as referring to it any of 82 countries-participants of the Olympic Games, which didn't enter the top three. Including Russia, which didn't even enter the top ten.

According to the results of the first week of Russian team performance, it became obvious that the Olympic fairy tale couldn't come true. Equally depressed were both ordinary, and status Russians.

— «The one who was responsible for preparation of the Olympic Games, should be responsible now. Responsible persons should make the courageous decision and write resignations. If they cannot, we would help them», — the president Dmitry Medvedev cut short.

The first who tendered his resignation was Leonid Tyagachev. Similar gesture was expected from Vitaly Mutko. But he didn't do it: «I am not going to retire, as I am called for. I have strong position in this question. I was appointed by the president of the country. I have not received an appraisal from him yet»… Anyway, the problem of domestic sports could not be solved by resignations of the high-ranking functionaries, and it is impossible to perform adequately on the Sochi Games experts are sure. Time flies. If we do not change emotions and populism to practical and constructive actions, it can start to play not into Russian hands, as the owner of following winter Games, but against it.

Check with far-reaching consequences

In april-september the Chamber of Accounts of Russia will carry out control event «Checking of the federal budget means and the off-budget sources of financing use efficiency, meant for preparation and carrying out of XXI winter Olympic Games and X Paralympic Games-2010 in Vancouver», the auditor of the Chamber of Accounts Sergey Movchan informed.

According to him, the ministry of sports, tourism and the youth policy of the Russian Federation, Olympic Russian committee, the Russian Center of national teams sports preparation, Organizing committee of XXII winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games, and also sports federations of Olympic kinds of sports will be checked up.

In what kinds of sports Russian athletes have justified fans expectations — and in what kinds they haven't?

Kinds of sports

Haven't juctified expectations,%

Juctified expectations,%

Kinds of sports

Haven't juctified expectations,%

Juctified expectations,%




Figure skating






Ski races



Mountain skiing



Nordic combined





















Ski jump









If the friend appeared to be…

Leonid Tyagachev:

— On Vancouver Games we didn't show the results, which were expected by us and our fans. I consider, that the government appraisal is true. And, as the patriot of our country, I resign from a po& of president of ORC.

Vitaly Mutko:

— Today we have the result, which we have. But I want, that those people, who criticise me, understood: to prepare the Olympic champion, 6-8 years are needed. Only in the middle of la& year the Strategy of development of physical training and sports till 2020 was introduced to the government. We had acted in&inctively before.

«There is no reason to sprinkle head with ashes»

Vladimir Putin, the prime-minister of Russian Federation:

— Despite modest team result, the overwhelming majority of our athletes in Vancouver fought selflessly. Certainly, we expected more from our national team, but, all the same, it is not the reason to let down, to sprinkle head with ashes and to beat ourselves with chains. It is the reason to make serious analysis and draw organizational conclusions. We should correct the situation and create all conditions for performance on the Olympic Games-2014. I have already heard, that we would train for Sochi, but to be among leaders is not the most important thing, the main thing — is to perform well… Sportsmen perform on such competitions not to sweat, but to win. And millions fans in the country wait for a victory of our national team. Anyway, it should be among leaders. Sochi is our national project, and we will pay maximum attention to it.

«We are already late for the Games-2014»

Irina Rodnina, the triple Olympic figure skating champion, the deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation:

— We need victories. But how to get them if there is no spirit in the Olympic team? Russia was shocked by the results of Vancouver Games. And do you think those, who are responsible for the result worry? I saw Tyagachev in «Russian house» restaurant in full swing of the Olympic Games — he had excellent appetite! Leonid Vasilevich feels good: he is the senator, his mountain-skiing centre near Moscow successfully works on a commercial basis. But medal plans for the Games-2010 were not approved. Outrageous cynicism!.. I doubt, that someone is able to give the plan of work for the next 4 years. A month ago I presented at vice-premier Zhukov's meeting, listened, and understood: we are already late for the Games-2014. We will not be able to perform like Chineses in Beijing. We should have begun preparation some years ago, select talented children and train them.

«We will construct objects, but we will not show the results»

Sergey Mironov, the chairman of the Federation Council of Russian Federation:

— According to the results of the Games-2010, the most serious conclusions should be drawn by sports officials. Russian sportsmen who had left their native country brought «gold» to other countries in Canada. However, they made it not because they are unpatriotic, — here they had no normal conditions for trainings. We will construct all necessary objects for the Sochi Olympic Games, and as for results — it is a big question. We shouldn't expect good results: champions train for decades and it is necessary to begin with sports schools, to search for talented and perspective children. But where to take them, if everywhere we have only pay sports… What is the purpose of the huge boards in Moscow, advertising the Games-2014? If to call things by their proper names, they just launder money, instead of investing them in sportsmen.

«To make accent on renewal of national teams»

Lyubov Egorova, the sixfold Olympic ski race champion:

— Resignations will not solve sports problems. But, of course, those, who have been holding their posts for many years, and haven't made a step forward, but have made ten steps back, should leave. The emphasis in the assessment of federations work should be made on quality of reserve training. Why our reserve have not done our national team for four years? There were no youth to perform. There were sportsmen who have been performing for many years, for more than one Olympic cycle. Olympic victories begin in children's sports. It is possible to prepare the champion till 2014. But to achieve higher results in Sochi, than in Vancouver, will be possible, only having made accent on renewal of national teams. Our country is big, its potential is huge, and we do not use it.

«I felt awkward in Canada»

Vyacheslav Fetisov, the chairman of the commission of the Federation Council of Russian Federation on physical training and sports affairs, the double Olympic hockey champion, the repeated champion of Europe and the USSR:

— Failure results of our national team in Vancouver is a consequence of lack of professionalism of Russian sports management. Sports officials have found the convenient universal justification, having called our Olympians «the generation of 90th» — our sportsmen could not perform at full strength, being in such mood. I felt awkward in Canada, where everybody knows me as the hockey player. People sympathise with us. It does not befit to Russia be in such position. The deep, detailed analysis of what had led to a failure is needed. It is necessary to find highly responsible, professional people, who would be responsible for our sports. The Soviet system of training was good, but it died. It was good, because professionals devoted themselves to sports.

«Sports are lake factory»

Alexey Mishin, the Honoured trainer of Russia on figure skating, the instructor of the silver prize-winner of the Olympic Games in Vancouver Evgeny Plyushchenko:

 — The backlog of domestic sports school from competitors in methodical aspects of trainers work, in organizational structure of trainings, and also in legislative maintenance has prevented Russians from performing successfully in Vancouver. It is necessary to take everything into account in course of preparation for Sochi Games. In particular, I would suggest to introduce the status of «Olympic hope» for young figure skaters. They should skate as much, as they want, they need to be give money for food, clothes. Russian Olympic committee and domestic sports as a whole should be headed by modern, realising changes and world tendencies managers. Sports are like factory, manufacture, where much depends on correct management.

«Clean-up operations in federations will not improve the situation»

Mikhail Vinogradov, the general director of Russian Center of current political situation:

— Someone less significant will be dismissed, undoubtedly, there will be resignations in sports federations. But will it help to improve the situation? I think, no. Sports are subjective and not predicted: much depends on good luck, and medal national team event can be won by separate kind of sports or even separate athlete. The level of development of children's and mass sports, the general health of the nation should be criterion of sports officials work. And sports of the higher achievements should come under guardianship of private business, which has PR by means of victories of champions. Now it is a high time to begin structural reorganisation of the system of domestic sports. But, on the threshold of the Olympic Games in Sochi, which should show the greatness of Russia to all the world, it is possible to expect only next stage of tightening the screws and strengthening of a sports power vertical.

«We need interesting and interested people»

Evgeny Kafelnikov, the Olympic big tennis champion, the ex-first racket of the world:

— Before the Olympic Games I had assumed, that they could appear the most catastrophic for us for all history of new Russia. It is clear for me how to come out of the crisis, where our sports had gone into. First of all we need new, young, interesting and at the same time interested people, who will aspire to achieve something and charge people around them with their energy. We have young generation of sportsmen, which is capable to get good results in short-track, freestyle, ski jump at appropriate training. And, to show the result, it is not necessary to train for eight-ten years. All depends on potentialities of each separate sportsman. It is another matter, that financial, and scientifically-methodical basis is necessary for taking medals. That is the fact.

Author: Maksim Fyodorov