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Irina Varlamova  

Russian House, Russian spirit

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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For 17 days of work 120 thousand visitors have visited the main sight of Olympic Vancouver.

House doors were opened from February, 11th till February, 28th for everybody, who wanted to learn more about new, modern Russia, where innovations carry on dialogue with traditions. Numerous expositions, Omnimax cinema with the huge screen, sports bar etcetera, day by day, for more than two weeks attracted participants and spectators of the Vancouver Games. Located in a token place of a city — a science Museum, «Russian House» became the real gem of Vancouver: hours-long queues were standing at the doors despite bad weather. This scale project has united eminent sportsmen, ardent fans, representatives of the international mass-media and officials from every corner of the globe. And the cultural program, a legendary Russian cuisine, performances of well-known Russian and Canadian actors created unforgettable, truly Russian atmosphere of a holiday. Representatives of delegations from more than 50 countries have visited «Sochis-2014 House» It became the effective platform for work of more than 500 accredited journalists. 19 events were held in the House press centre, including press conferences with Russian Olympic prize-winners and experts in different areas of the Games preparation. The legends of domestic and foreign sports have visited «Sochi-2014 House»: the Soviet hockey players, Olympic champions Alexander Yakushev, Alexey Kasatonov and Victor Tikhonov; stars of world hockey Wayne Gretzky, Chris Chelios, Alexander Ovechkin; Olympic prizewinners and ambassadors of «Sochi-2014» Evgeny Plyushchenko, Maksim Shabalin, Nikita Kryukov, Ivan Skobrev and many others. During the closing ceremony of Olympic Games-2010, right after the IOC president Jacques Rogge had handed over the Olympic flag to the mayor of Sochi Alexander Pakhomov, the major attribute of the Games was delivered to «Russian House». So, the Olympic baton was passed the Russian way.

Author: Irina Dymova