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Sporting Harvard

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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During Vancouver Games the first official Russian International Olympic University Presentation (RIOU) took place


All the Olympic beau-monde, led by the IOC president Jacques Rogge, participated in presentation. RIOU is a world standard business school for the successful professionals, wishing to get skills in the sporting management area. At the same time university will become ground for the international expert dialogue in sport industry sphere, Olympic and Paralympic movements. The RIOU council of trustees will be headed by the prime-minister Vladimir Putin, the Supervisory board - by the head of holding company «Interros» Vladimir Potanin. «Interros» will invest into the project its sponsor donation of 150 million dollars. Potanin named RIOU «Russian sporting Harvard» having meant high educational standards. «The standard of knowledge acquired in the Olympic university will be so high, that it will allow to use this learning model as a high standard manager training industry for the organization of largest social and sports competitions», — says the chancellor of the Moscow management school «Skolkovo» Andrey Volkov.

The RIOU construction will be started in spring of 2010 and will be completed in autumn of 2012. Officially the university should be opened up in February. 2013. The first students are going to be taken half a year before. The first university customer will be Organizing committee «Sochi-2014».

Impressions of the Olympic university presentation

Jacques Rogge, the IOC president:

— My congratulations to the Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» representatives. They held an excellent Olympic university presentation to the world community.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco:

—The Olympic Games are not only the greatest sports achievements event, but also the promotion of Olympic movement values. And one of the RIOU tasks is to keep and hand these values over to the following organizers of the Games.

Alexander Popov, fourfold Olympic champion:

— RIOU will promote the appearance of new managers generation. This is not only university for Russia, but for the whole world.

Author: Olga Lazareva