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Staff means everything

¹ 1 (2008)
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According to the experts the workers from foreign countries will be involved in the constructing process as well as the ambitious Russian youth.

Today the future Olympic capital has the population of about 402 thousand people, 252 thousand of them can work. Only 495 people of 402 thousand citizens are registered as the unemployed. Though it doesn’t seem to please those who have come to the city to make some million business ideas come true. The peculiarity of the city is represented by the very high demand for the quality and quantity of the specialist while the offer is rather low.

All professions are important

«The most acute lack of specialists is in the sphere of business management, immovable property, constructing and banking segment», utters Olga Polaznikova. Many banks, constructing companies made the decision to establish their branches in Sochi due to the Olympics, that is the reason why the staff demand has increased greatly. The shortage of qualified staff is the typical feature of Sochi and other regions. The peculiarity of the city is represented by the very high demand for the quality and quantity of the specialist while the offer is rather low».

The most wanted are the regional representatives at the health care, technical markets, offi ce-managers, as the head of Kelly Service branch Vitaly Voronin says. The most bright chances for money making are in the sphere of catering and entertaining service. «We are in desperate need for cooks. We have 122 vacancies!» says Nadezhda Voznyuk.

A qualified specialist: who gives more?

It is absolutely obvious that Sochi can not cover all the vacancies by its labor recourses. The experts agree on the point that the greatest part of the future construction workers will be from Moscow, Petersburg and rapidly developing southern regions. While the top-managers will be transferred from the capitals, the heads of the lower layers will be seek for in the South. Besides qualification, employers want their personnel to know the mentality and «useful links». To find the compromise between regional specific features and the standards of corporations is an extremely diffi cult task. But even though the specialist of necessary professional level can be found in the SFG, at present due to the rapid regional development they clearly realize they are demanded, thus the financial conditions becomes higher.

But the employers face quite a number of problems connected with providing its workers with accommodations, compensations of moving and many others. In reality even rather large companies are not eager to pay compensation for renting. The renting prices are the highest in the region and are very close with its sums to those of Moscow. It is very hard to find a compromise between expectations of any qualified specialist and the companies’ readiness to pay high expenditures for the personnel.

«If the candidates who change the place of work within the city limits want to raise their income up to 30%, when they move to the other city they expect to be up to 50%.

Top-managers in their turn expect to have their percent from the company's profit or some package of shares.

Foreign countries will help us

The vacancies' market in Sochi already is very attractive for some foreign companies. The city administration involves the citizens of Uzbekistan, China or Tajikistan for constructing activities. Among the countries – donors of the employees we must mention India, Turkey and Hungary. The experts warn that it is inevitable for Moscow and other large cities to lose some part of workers. Even now the working specialties are in so great deficit that only he labor reserves of China and some other neighboring countries can somehow change the situation.

The director of the recruiting agency Penny Lane Personnel Tatyana Dolyakova believes that «personnel problem will be settled with the help of school and college leavers. The recourses here are practically unlimited — all the young Russian people: those who finished universities, technical schools and colleges». The participants of the International Conference which took place in Rostov-on-Don this spring offered different ministries to approve the list of working fields and professions demanded for the preparation to the Olympics in Sochi.

«Olympic Sochi will starve for personnel. The government should establish solid links with the educational institutions specializing in the profile spheres which prepare the highly professional graduates to provide the service of the Olympic objects and guests», the member of the Public Chamber, professor Mikhail Berulava supposes.