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Farewell to the Olympic fairy tale? (2352)
Maksim Fyodorov  
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Konstantin Kukharenko  
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Olga Lazareva  
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Irina Rodina  
Olympic period park (2843)
Sergey Semyonov  
«The Olympic Games are too big price to pay for satisfaction of ambitions» (2402)
Maksim Fyodorov  
The kind of staff they are (2111)
Elena Yakovleva  
«Russian sportsmen are universal soldiers» (2264)
Sergey Semyonov  
«Fiasco made us take a more sober look at things» (2158)
Irina Varlamova  
Personnel for competitors (2950)
Irina Varlamova  
Real southerners play hockey (2217)
Konstantin Kukharenko  
Snow leopards of good will (2163)
Irina Varlamova  

The first is coming

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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3 from 5,5 million tons of the cargo transported in 2009 for Olympic building, are under «First cargo company» belt.

In 2009 Rostov branch of»First cargo company" (FCC) made active the transportations in area of Sochi Olympic building. Thanks to it company indicators have grown in comparison with 2008, is satisfied the director of branch Vadim Zhukov. — We have successfully worked in 2009: the branch gain has made 2,2 billion roubles — a quarter more than it was planned by the head company. The cargo transportation volume has grown more than twice in comparison with 2008— up to 12,8 million tons. In 2009 the branch managed to keep key clients — «Novorostsement», «Kavkaztsement», «Mostovs-koy crushing-and-sorting factory», «YuzhTrans», Afipsky oil-processing plant and involve new also — «Rostselmash», with which we have agreed about agricultural cars transportation, and sea trading port in Novorossiysk, where we will develop export.

In February the management of «Russian Railways» public corporation had a meeting with representatives of «Transport management of the Olympic Games in Sochi» devoted to cargo — and passenger traffic support of the Games. 3 from 5,5 million tons of the cargo transported in 2009 for Olympic building, are under «First cargo company» belt. Also we develop the Abkhazian direction: we delivered 158 thousand tons of cargo in republic for a year.