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«There will be the most grandiose Games»

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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Finland companies can be useful to the organizers of Sochi Olympic Games in designing and building of sports constructions, energy economy, realisation of ecological programs, presented the director for marketing and communications of SOFI consortium Seya Spiridovich.

— What was the purpose of SOFI consortium foundation?

— SOFI is the joint venture founded in May, 2009 and representing about 50 enterprises of Finland at realisation of large building projects in Russia, especially in the projects, connected with winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

— In what Sochi projects Finland companies are going to participate or already participate?

— The enterprises consortium-members can offer complex decisions, in particular for designing and building of sports constructions, hotels and camps, entertaining centres, and also objects of infrastructure, communication systems and safety.

— What Finland business circles expect from Sochi Olympic Games?

— We suppose, that there will be the most grandiose Games. Sochi is a wonderful place for such kind of events. The distance between quays and mountain clusters is not great in comparison with many other cities where the Olympic Games took place.