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Olympic period park

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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«Like the mountain river flows into the sea, the stream of people will flow from entrance to a round central square», — architects disclose the idea of placing of Olympic park constructions in Sochi.

«Architectural masterpieces, which will amaze the world will be created for the Olympic Games-2014. It is only necessary to decide, what exactly will be amazing», — declared at taking office in summer, 2009 the main architect of «Olympstroy» state company Oleg Harchenko. He remarked, that the key project of the Sochi building is the Olympic park — «the whole city», located on 256 hectares of Imeretinskaya lowland and meant for 70 thousand people.

The central stadium

Opening and closings ceremonies of XXII winter Games will be held in the Central stadium. Representatives of «Olympstroy» state company name it one of the most grandiose constructions of the Olympic park: its height will be more than 38 metres. The stadium is designed by State Unitary Enterprise Moscow Research Planning Institute «Mostproyect-4» and company Populous, and is constructed by a consortium of the companies led by «Obyedineniye »Ingeo-kom" close corporation. The object can be transformed in case of need: it provides 40 thousand seats for the Olympic use, the number of seats grows up to 45 thousands for high international level football matches, and for the further daily use 25 thousand seats will be enough. «There is practical purpose — the stadium maintenance economy», — «Olympstroy» comments.

The big ice arena for ice hockey.

 Architects have taken the image of frozen drop as a basis of the big ice arena for the ice hockey, which can seat 12 thousand spectators. It will be situated on a small hill where one can get on wide sloping ladder.

In January, 2010 «Mostovik» company started the installation of steel columns and overhead cover of a practice ice arena. It is necessary to mount 1,5 thousand tons of metal constructions. Arena startup is planned for May, 2012.

Ice sports palace for figure skating and short-track.

Meant for 12 thousand spectators, it is also constructed by «Obyedineniye»Ingeokom" close corporation. According to the vice-premier of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak, in January ferro-concrete foundation laying of 20,5 thousand sq. metres was finished, more than 18 thousand cubic metres of concrete and almost 2 thousand tons of armature were needed for its construction. Building of all objects finishes in October, 2011, and in the beginning of 2012 test competitions will be held there.

Ice arenas for curling and small ice arena for ice hockey.

The facade turned to the Olympic area will become the special feature of ice arena for curling meant for 3 thousand seats: the glass screen will hang over the entrance. And the external look of small ice arena for ice hockey meant for 7 thousand seats should be associated with a sea wave, therefore the facade construction is light and multilevel.

The author of both projects is the Austrian company STAHLBAU PICHLER GmbH. It is declared, that they will not contrast with neighbouring stadiums, but will supplement them.

The days pass slowly

by. The idea of the river is embodied in Olympic park constructions placing. Architects comment poetically: «Like the mountain river flows into the sea, the stream of people will flow from entrance to a round central square».

From the entrance of the Olympic park to sports objects visitors should walk about two kilometres. As authors of the concept explain, they were set a task to create «a holiday space» all the way long.

Local changes are not counted.

— Some changes of the concept of Olympic park are possible, but they will have local character, which will not affect architectural ensemble. The park is filled by sports objects, and all of them are concentrated round wide space, which requires special organisation, — Oleg Harchenko has summarized.

Author: Sergey Semyonov