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The kind of staff they are

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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It doesn't remind the building of the second Baykal-Amur Railroad: for the construction of objects for XXII winter Games it is needed about 85 thousand people; about 15 thousand are working on Olympic building now.

Staff shortage in Sochi building branch was observed throughout 2009. The vice-premier of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak has declared, that in 2010 the quantity of experts working on Olympic objects should be almost quadrupled — from 13 to 50 thousand people. Meanwhile for some months, there have been involved only 4 thousand.

More than one could ever do.

According to Krasnodar region department of placement service, at present, there are 186 jobless builders in Sochi — while total number of the unemployed on Kuban is about 24 thousand people, and only 5-7% are potential builders of the Olympic objects. The decision of a problem employers see in search and following relocation of experts from other regions of Russia or from other countries. The high-ranking curators of megaproject not once declared, that Sochi should become the anti-crisis platform for all the country. However, it doesn't remind the building of the second Baykal-Amur Railroad. Thousands of vacancies are waiting to be filled, despite worthy salary offers.

Experts for export

Mainly, the residents of Krasnodar region work on Sochi building now. There are few ways of attractiing of experts from other regions. The first is the cooperation with personnel agencies, each city has about twenty of them. But the majority of them do not work with candidates distantly. Big federal personnel agencies work in Sochi differently. But they deliver only qualified experts from the outside.

To get involved army of many thousands of ordinary workers by means of personnel agency is an impracticable task. Regional power tries too help with the decision. Krasnodar region department of placement service regularly holds special event, the biggest is the vacancy fair. But it is also ineffective: not more than 10% of the presented vacancies are filled, and there can be from one to one and a half thousand.

Guest workers: rescue or threat?

Last year in summer the representatives of Krasnodar Federal Migration Service Department declared at press conference, that there is predicted an inflow of about 100 thousand labour migrants to Sochi by 2011-2012.

According to the official statistics of Kuban Federal Migration Service Department (FMSD), 869 of foreigners were got involved into building of 13 Olympic objects by the end of December, 2009, their number has decreased to 703 persons by February, 1st, 2010.

To get guest workers involved is rather profitable for developer structures: they are efficient, unpretentious to food and accommodation, and the main thing, cost cheaply. Being afraid of the big inflow of citizens from abroad to Sochi, regional authorities have seriously tightened the control over them. The unique local FMS department of execution of working papers for residents of near abroad was opened in Russia.

Isn't that cute of them! The important personnel resource for Sochi is student's movement. Under the statements of «Olympstroy» stare company representatives, about 5 thousand students from different high schools of the country should take part in Olympic building. Last year the state company held the competition, where more than 400 student groups took part, 10 groups, total number of 200 persons, were selected as a result. This year all biggest high schools of the South Federal region will send pupils to Sochi.

In close liaison

According to experts it is possible to solve a problem of personnel shortage in Sochi only on conditions that the effective mechanism of state-private partnership would be created. The employer should clearly form the order for needed experts, provide them with tolerable working conditions and sufficient salary. The state, in turn, should adopt the competent information policy, for citizens to be informed on possibilities and work prospects in Olympic capital.

Probably, in some years, the effective system of attraction of staff from all country will be realized. Already now Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation prepares programs on retraining, training for a new profession and moving for a new place of work for jobless citizens. «But this process goes too slowly, for the course of preparation of the Olympic Games was not such tense», — Natalia Bendarzhevskaya regrets.

Russia is great, and there is nobody to build

During the period from 2010 up to 2014 the labour needs of Sochi building branch will make 86,5 thousand people: 81,9 thousand (94,7%) — need for workers, 4,6 thousand (5,3%) — need for experts and employees. In 2010 it is planned to get involved 50 thousand people in building of the Olympic objects, 6612 of them would be foreign workers.

Average salary of the builder in Sochi is 19580 roubles.

Source: Krasnodar region Placement service and magazine «Olympic Reporter».

We should change professional education system

Svetlana Zhurova, the vice-speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Olympic champion:

— Building of Olympic objects in Sochi «has bared» a number of problems, in particular, the staff shortage. Russia needs the greater building for these problems to become obvious.

We aren't going to get foreign workers involved

Igor Levitin, the minister of transport of the Russian Federation:

— We are going to involve the qualified experts-road workers from other regions of Russia for building of transport objects in Sochi. We do not plan to involve foreign workers and specialists, except for management and experts.

To get involved Russians, who lost their jobs

Tatyana Golikova, the Minister of health and social development of the Russian Federation:

— We call to the regions of the Russian Federation for involving of the citizens — those Russians, who had lost their jobs because of the crisis. First of all, it concerns those regions, where large investment projects are carried out.

Reserve resources base will be created

Taymuraz Bolloev, the president of «Olympstroy» state company:

— The staff strategy of the Games assumes the creation of experts reserve resources. «Olympstroy» intends to realise the given strategy together with the Kuban authorities, investors and professional education establishments.

Author: Elena Yakovleva