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«Russian sportsmen are universal soldiers»

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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However, the considerable improvement of results is expected not in 2014, but in 2018 and 2022, the chief executive of Russian Olympians support Fund Alexander Katushev tries to be impartial.

About four years ago the prime-minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin thought about the creation of mechanism, capable to meet the requirement of elite Russian sportsmen and not limited to frameworks of budgets and laws. The private capital provided the aid: 15 largest companies of the country founded the Olympians' support Fund, which council of trustees was headed by president Dmitry Medvedev personally. The chief executive of the Fund Alexander Katushev explained to «Reporter» the reason why Russia can take the first team place during the Sochi Olympic Games.

— Recently, Russian sportsmen do not lack for attention: sponsors are not lavish, there are a lot of support programs, federal and regional grants, clear system of the prize-winning. There are, at last, commercial competitions. Whether your Fund activity is so important on this background?

—There can't be too much money, especially in sports of the higher achievements, where each trifle is important. Travels, outfit, equipment, recovery measures — all this is colossally expensive. But to show the highest result, the sportsman should get all the best. And, ideally — should not think of it, but should only train and perform.

— What kinds of sports representatives can count on your support?

— Of all Olympic — summer and winter, except team kinds. It is much easier for the representatives of team kinds of sports in the financial plan. Not to mention football players and hockey players: even not the superstars get several thousand dollars a year.

— How to get the Fund grant?

— There are three conditions. The first — citizenship of the Russian Federation. The second — membership in a national team. And the third — he should be the champion of the country in a current season, and should take not less than the eighth place in the World championship. There is sense to support the strongest — it is the main idea of the Fund.

— How much can get the sportsman from the Fund?

— We do not disclose, who and how much gets. I can tell only that last year the most successful have received up to two millions roubles.

— It is obvious, that the future Olympians need to be supported in the early age, children's sports schools in Russia are poor. How do you work with children's and youth areas?

— 50% of all financing goes to juniors in winter and 40% — in summer kinds of sports. Since 2009 we have been also working on financing of sport schools.

— One more part of higher achievements sports support is the financing of scientific researches, training and recovery methodologies, sports medicine, which are behind from modern for decades.

— We do not finance a science now, but it, of course, one of the key factors of success in modern sports. Therefore, in the nearest future, this direction will possibly appear. We should catch up with the world, and money is necessary for this purpose: for our own researches, training and practice abroad — is not shameful to buy technologies and those, who know them.

— Russian management sets a task for national Olympic team to win in informal team scoring in Sochi. Is it possible in your opinion, especially considering poor results of our compatriots during rhe last Games?

— I expect good results in Sochi. Fans' support, judges' loyalty, familiar tracks and stadiums — everything will help us. Our sportsmen are unique — they are like soldiers. They win in bobsleighing and skeleton — without bobsleighing tracks, in ski jump — without springboards. Without modern techniques and equipment… Win not due to, but in spite of. Probably, infrastructural magnificence of the Sochi Games will not affect our performances in 2014. We expect if not the break, but considerable improvement of results from generation of Olympians of 2018 and 2022.

From oligarchs — to the Olympians

The non-commercial charitable organization «Russian Olympians' support Fund» was founded on July, 27th, 2005 with a view to developing and strengthening of domestic Olympic movement. The Fund means are formed of charitable payments of its founders — 15 richest people of Russia. They are:

— The president of LLC «EvrazlnveSt» Alexander Abramov,

— The chairman of the Chukchi autonomous district Duma Roman Abramovich,

— The president of LLC «Alfa bank» Peter Aven,

— The president of «LUKOIL» public corporation Vagit Alekperov,

— The general director of «Surgutneftegaz» public corporation Vladimir Bogdanov,

— The chairman of directors board of the «Tranmashholding» close corporation Andrey Bokarev,

— The chairman of «Renova» State corporation Supervisory committee Victor Vekselberg,

— The general director of the company «Bazovy element» Oleg Deripaska,

— The chairman of directors board of «SiStema» public Stock corporation Alexander Yevtushenkov,

— The chairman of directors board of «Novolipetsky metallurgical complex» Vladimir Lisin,

— The president of «Interros» company Vladimir Potanin,

— The chairman of directors board of «Trubnaya metallurgical company» Dmitry Pumpyansky,

— The chairman of directors board of «Magnitogorsky metallurgical complex» Victor Rashnikov,

— The chairman of directors board of «Uralkaliy» Dmitry Rybolovlev,

— The general director of «GazprominveStholding» Alisher Usmanov.

Author: Sergey Semyonov