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Farewell to the Olympic fairy tale? (2342)
Maksim Fyodorov  
Overthrow from the Olympus (2319)
Konstantin Kukharenko  
Olympic Games of misfortune (2624)
Sergey Semyonov  
Russian House, Russian spirit (2248)
Irina Dymova  
Sporting Harvard (2355)
Olga Lazareva  
«We have tried to break stereotypes about bears and Russian dolls» (2139)
Olga Lazareva  
«Sochi — that is cool!» (2955)
Maksim Fyodorov, Irina Rodina  
Bridges to the Olympic Games (2230)
The first is coming (2122)
Winter Olympic Games will be warm (2210)
«There will be the most grandiose Games» (2242)
«Crisis has not affected the fancy flight of architects» (2307)
Irina Rodina  
Olympic period park (2835)
Sergey Semyonov  
«The Olympic Games are too big price to pay for satisfaction of ambitions» (2394)
Maksim Fyodorov  
The kind of staff they are (2102)
Elena Yakovleva  
«Russian sportsmen are universal soldiers» (2258)
Sergey Semyonov  
«Fiasco made us take a more sober look at things» (2153)
Irina Varlamova  
Personnel for competitors (2942)
Irina Varlamova  
Real southerners play hockey (2208)
Konstantin Kukharenko  
Snow leopards of good will (2155)
Irina Varlamova  

Our day has come

¹ 1-2 (2010)
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«Olympic Reporter» became the winner of the prestigious media award «Iskra Yuga-2009» in two nominations.

Works of authors of the international magazine «Olympic Reporter», published by «MediaYug» publishing house, secured six nominations of the award «Iskra Yuga-2009» They reached the final in three nominations, and won two of them. Irina Varlamova was awarded in the nomination «Analytical article», Eugene Arutyunov was awarded in the nomination «Design». «Iskra Yuga-2009» is a professional competition for writing journalists of Southern and now North Caucasian federal districts of Russia. This year the representatives of more than 20 editions reached the final of «Iskra Yuga-2009». The jury has made special mention of high level of «Olympic Reporter» publications, and also the original design of the magazine.

Just in days of summarising of «Iskra Yuga-2009», «Olympic Reporter» has launched English version of site www.stroyolimpic. ru. Foreigners are not less interested in preparation for the Olympic Games-2014, than Russians. The innovation will allow to increase «Reporter» audience considerably.