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Vancouver does not believe in tears

3-4 (2010)
Viewed: 1942

Vancouver was the true moment for Russia: «the Shock is our way!». After Soviet Union disintegration, when instead of one national team there appeared fifteen, Russian Federation team continued to show quite good results on the Olympic Games.

Though, it was obvious, they were reached, in many respects, thanks to the Soviet reserve. With every year success of our athletes on world scenes were becoming poorer, but officials from sports still searched and found «the objective reasons» instead of drawing conclusions and trying to return the lost positions. Or fairly admit and announce, that it is impossible in the nearest future, because of extremely neglected situation in branch. Meanwhile, populism and bent for facile optimism prevailed once again. Before opening of XXI winter Games, fans had been assured, that our team went for the first place. The error was not even statistical — the whole ten positions… For these four months answers to both classical questions were got: who is guilty in the Canadian fiasco of Russia and what to do in order to avoid relapse? Leonid Tyagachev, dozen heads of federations and head coaches were retired; Vitaly Mutko with a part of his team have marvellously kept their posts and now show unprecedented activity. It's a pity, that the priorities of development of sports of the higher achievements, sounded practically at once, appeared world-old. A question: why were they «shelved»all this time? References to absence of financing are not accepted. Under the statement of president Dmitry Medvedev, means allocated for preparation of the Russian athletes are comparable, and in some cases exceed expenses of other countries. Vancouver-2010 should have become dress rehearsal of triumph of the Russian sports in Sochi-2014, and became a prophecy of its full shame. It is not desirable, that this prophecy would come true. Especially considering the scope, that has got the Olympic project in our country, according to official reports,: 72 objects are under construction now, and by the end of the year their number will grow twice. In the beginning of July it is the third anniversary of a victory of the Sochi application in Guatemala. It is not jubilee to give gifts, but the IOCi nspectors are more than generous: «It is the largest and ambitious building project in Europe». Organizers, however, do not concede choosing epithets, naming XXII winter Games the very best: the most innovative, the most safe, the most compact… And — the most expensive: by last estimation, turnkey construction Olympic project will cost 950 billion roubles! There is an association with Soviet «overtake and surpass». However, this supermarathon will pay for itself only if we will come to finish first, but not those, whom we usually try to surpass.

According to the results of VCIOM poll, for Russi it is more important to perform successfully on domestic Games, rather than to spend them adequately, — 53% of respondents against 39%. Vancouver does not believe in tears. Sochi will not believe all the more.

Author: Maksim Fyodorov, editor-in-chief of the Publishing House MediaYug