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Flags in hands

3-4 (2010)
Viewed: 1892

In March in Sochi there was held a solemn ceremony of a hoisting of Olympic and Paralympic flags. Becoming the keeper of the major symbols of the Games, the capital of winter Olympic Games-2014 entered a new stage of preparation for the main sports forum of a planet.

Having arrived to the airport of Adler with a special flight from Vancouver, flags continued travel by train in a special train of the Russian Railway. At Sochi station Olympic cloths were met by citizens in red-and-blue jackets and six hundred children with ballons coloured like national flag of Russian Federation and little flags with «Sochi.ru» emblem. Then, flags delivery was carried on with a motorcade of «Volkswagen Group Rus». Guests of honour and heroes of the Vancouver Games took part in procession — the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov, the president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» Dmitry Chernyshenko, prize-winners and winners of Olympic and Paralympic Games-2010 Alexey Voevoda, Alexander Zubkov, Ivan Skobrev, Nikita Kryukov, Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, Irek Zaripov, Kirill Mihaylov, Anna Burmistrova, Nikolay Polukhin and Sergey Shilov. Before the Sochi mayoralty flags were handed to the guard of honour — seamen and frontier guards. An honour to set up Olympic flags on special flagstaff's were given the champions of the Games-2010, the ambassadors of «Sochi-2014» Nikita Kryukov and Irek Zaripov.

— Today there is a historical moment — Sochi has become the keeper of the main symbols of Olympic and Paralympic movements, — Dmitry Chernyshenko addressed to the participants of event. — We picked up the baton, so, we are the next! There is no doubt, that with such team and in such wonderful city we can hold the most innovative Olympic Games, which will show the character of new, modern and varying Russia.

Author: Irina Dymova