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In the ray of fame

3-4 (2010)
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On the main city square in Sochi the Museum of sports fame was opened. The IOC president Jacque Rogge, who presented on the solemn ceremony named it the «memory of great Olympic sportsmen, of wonderful feelings, which sports competitions give». And the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov has recollected: «After visiting the Olympic museum in Lausanne, we asked the IOC honourable president, now late Juan Antonio Samaranch, the permission to open the Sochi branch of a museum. We got his consent».

The museum exposition consists of several thematic exhibitions. They give the chance to get acquainted with history of Olympic movement in Russia, to learn, how the Games-1980 in Moscow were prepared. Among exhibits there are the collection of badges «Moscow is the capital of XXII summer Olympic Games», the application book «Sochi-2014», a torch for Vancouver Olympic fire, the Olympic flag brought to Sochi.

There are a lot of «star» trophies: the autograph of figure-skater Alexey Yagudin, the first trainers of tennis-player Elena Vesnina, a school testimonial of good conduct and progress to parents of tennis player Evgeny Kafelnikov.