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3-4 (2010)
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Cinema year opened the Cultural Olympic Games in Sochi. Thousand of citizens and city visitors became the eyewitnessess of a bright show with participation of known actors, film critics, musicians, figures of show business, sportsmen.

The culmination was multimedia 3D-show. To the waltz of Aram Hachaturyan to a drama «Masquerade» on a building facade «were reviving» masterpieces of world art and shots from Olympic and Paralympic Games aganist «Sochi-2014» symbolics. In the program of Cinema year, that will last for all 2010 are, — festivals of sports and ecological cinema, festival «Cinema in your yard», the international children's art festival «Kinotavrik»; festival «Cinema without bounds», and also competition of short works about Sochi and the Olympic Games, where every interested person can take part, having put the film in the Internet. Year of theatre will pick up the baton from Cinema year (2011), then Year of music (2012) and Year of museums (2013) will follow. In January-March, 2014 the best projects of 2010-2013 will be shown. Totally, there are planned more than 1000 events with participation of more than 10 thousand performers from all Russia and from abroad within the framework of the Cultural program. More than 1 million of spectators and more than 1 billion of TV-viewers will be able to see concerts and stagings.