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Russian lottery

3-4 (2010)
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In March the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation informed, that plans to spend up to 500 thousand roubles for preparation of the All-Russia state lotteries in support of the organisation of the Sochi Olympic Games.

 Open tender for preparation of conditions and feasibility report on two lotteries spent in a real time mode, and tens, spent in a usual mode was declared. The date of fulfilment of the given contract — on July, 1st, 2010. Six companies took part in tender: «Russian lotto», «Roslottsentr», «Milan», one of founders of «Sport lotto» Victor Ivonin, IFC «Metropol» and American «Torsborg institute». «Russian lotto» won. The general director and the co-owner of «Russian lotto» Elmurod Rasulmukhamedov was laconic: «We wanted to support the Olympic project». His competitors, meanwhile, specify that «Russian lotto» in this competition offered a low price aiming at the victory in future — to get the right to become the operator of «Sochi-2014» lottery, which is going to become one of the largest in Russia. The Single operator of Olympic lotteries should pay 54 million roubles for the right to use the Olympic symbolics and to spend not less than$100 million for creation of its own national network of lottery terminals.