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Hello, Father Frost!

3-4 (2010)
Viewed: 2005

In the Moscow municipal duma the exhibition «Father Frost History» took place in support of this fantastic character as a symbol of the Sochi Olympic Games-2014. There also was broadcasted the video with Father Frost from Velikiy Ustyug, and there were stands with photos of his ascension to Elbrus, the pictures devoted to his support of the Russian sportsmen in Vancouver…

 Meanwhile, judging by comments of the president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» Dmitry Chernyshenko, there is one more popular candidate the for symbol of XXII White Olympic Games, than Father Frost — a leopard: «It is one of the most often offered images. But, being innovative in everything, we will not think out a talisman and history of its origin for imposing it on public opinion. We will get all Russian population involved in process of choosing of a symbol of the Games. Let people solve, who will personify our Olympic Games — Father Frost, a dolphin on skis, a leopard or someone else». according to observations of the «Olympic Reporter», the prime minister Vladimir Putin likes leopard more. The head of the Russian government has initiated restoration of leopards population on the territory of the North Caucasus.