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Three years like three days

3-4 (2010)
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Judging by enthusiastic responses of the IOC inspectors, Russia has quickly got down to preparation for the Olympic Games-2014 and has gone even faster. It is three years from the moment of the announcement of Sochi the capital of XXII winter Games. «Olympic Reporter» has observed megaproject realisation in dynamics.

235 objects of sports and infrastructure should be constructed to the Olympic Games in Sochi. By the end of this year the quantity of constructed objects will reach 144, the head of the Ministry of Regional development Victor Basargin predicts. 72 objects are under construction now, over 34 from them should be finished and put into operation by the New year.

195 000 000 000 roubles — the specified cost of Olympic objects building in Sochi; earlier it was the sum of 206 billion roubles. Prime minister Vladimir Putin explains it, firstly, by optimisation of expenses, and secondly, by business activization. In postcrisis 2010 the parity of private and state investments in comparison with crisis 2009 was practically levelled — 29,1 billion roubles and 29,7 billion roubles. «Financing goes without delays», — Putin has assured.

60 000 000 000 roubles will be directed by the federal budget only this year for development of a transport infrastructure to the Olympic Games. «In the forefront both on terms, and on work quality» are the Russian Railways, whose Olympic budget makes 274 billion roubles, vice-premier Alexander Zhukov has noted. The most expensive from projects realised by monopoly is the combined highway and railway line Adler — mountainous resort «Alpica-service»: it will allow to deliver up to 20 000 passengers to mountain stadiums of Krasnaya Polyana and to ice palaces of Olympic park within an hour.

190 000 of spectators' seats is the total spaciousness of 13 sports objects, which should be constructed to the Olympic Games. At designing of several of them — a complex for mountain skiing and biathlon competitions for16 thousand spectators, mountain media village, a sports-tourist complex «Gornaya karusel» and mountainous resort «Alpica-service» — experts of «Olympstroy» architectural section decided to take for a basis architecture of the Alpine resorts.

19 000 persons work now on objects in Sochi. About 1,5 thousand from them are foreigners, 4 thousand — inhabitants of Krasnodar region, 4,5 thousand — inhabitants of Southern and North Caucasian federal districts, the others represent other regions of Russian Federation.

1 350 fighters from student teams will be involved this year in building of Olympic objects — it is almost seven times more than in the past, the leader of social movement «Russian student teams» Pavel Bogateev is happy with progress. Most of all studying youth (about 1000 persons against former 150) will work on objects of the Russian Railway, also «Olympstroy», «Gazprom» and «Rosavtodor» will get them involved.

«Objects spring up all over in Sochi»

Vladimir Putin, the chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation:

— We had only a beautiful project and great desire to hold the Olympic Games. Perhaps, there was nothing else in Sochi. Now objects spring up all over. We use the Olympic Games as a good occasion for infrastructure development of the South of Russia.

«It is the largest project in Europe»

Jean-Claude Killy, the chairman of the IOC Coordination commission:

— The scale of works in Sochi is stunning. I believe, it is the largest and the most ambitious building project in Europe. And I am glad, that works go strictly according to the schedule. It is being done much more, than it was promised. Especially amazes the success of the marketing program.

«To the special city — the special status»

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of LDPR:

— We prepare a bill about giving to Sochi the status of a city of federal significance. It is necessary to take it out of the Krasnodar region. It is a special city: there are all health resorts, there will be the Olympic capital. The present Sochi status prevents its development.

«The pole of sports, the world and high spirit»

Dmitry Shparo, the director of «Prikluchenie» club, the traveller:

— On April, 22nd youth ski expedition set up three flags on the North Pole: the flag of Russia, «Sochi-2014» flag and Teacher's Year flag. Now these flags are in the Sochi museum of Art exhibition «Tested by the North». Sochi became a pole of sports, the world, high spirit, modern civilisation and culture.

«At least, to repeat Canada result»

Irek Zaripov, the quadruple champion of the Paralimpic Games in skiing and biathlon:

— In June the first Russian practice sessions took place in Sochi. Ahead — four years of trainings. The new aim is Sochi, domestic Olympic Games. We have to repeat Canada result, at least. We will go to it.

«It should be better in Sochi, than in Vancouver»

Nikita Kryukov, the Russian skier, the Olympic champion of Vancouver:

— I am proud very much of becoming the ambassador of «Sochi-2014» It was, of course, good in Vancouver, but it should be better in Sochi. So, I will make my best to popularise our Games. Russia — forward! We will meet in Sochi!

«The Olympic Games can cast new topics»

Feodor Bondarchuk, the film director, the producer, the actor:

— The Olympic Games are something new in my life. I do not exclude, that the theme of sports, fair struggle, and also a social theme, connected with the relation to people with physical disability, can become a basis for the future pictures.

«Intimate desire — to sing at the Games opening»

Dima Bilan, the singer, the ambassador of «Sochi-2014»: — Intimate desire of any musician or the singer is to sing at the Sochi Olympic Games opening. And I not an exception. I would like it very much!

Author: Maksim Fyodorov