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Varnishing of the Olympic reality

3-4 (2010)
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VMP Company is chosen as the supplier of paint and varnish materials for Sochi objects protection.

VMP is the Russian manufacturer of modern paint and varnish materials (PVM). The goods are made with the use of world experience of PVM production and meet all the high-quality coating requirements. Thanks to it the company has been chosen as the supplier of paint and varnish materials for Olympic objects protection: the Ice sports palace for figure skating and short-track competitions, bridges of federal highway Dzhubga — Sochi, PS 500  «Centralnaya» portals. Long-lasting experience of high-quality PVM manufacture allows VMP to meet the requirements of organizers of XXII winter Games and to guarantee reliable protection of the Olympic Games objects against corrosion and fire, and the developed network of the company branches — to provide timeliness of delivery of production to building objects.

ZAO NPP VMP, 620016, Ekaterinburg, Amundsena st, 105. tel./fax: +7 343 267-94-31, 211-81-16, e-mail: office@fmp.ru, www.coldzinc.ru