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«Star» talks to «star»

ą 3-4 (2010)
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To the Olympic Games the quantity of five-stars hotels in Sochi will increase in 4,5 times, of four-stars — in 3,8 times. To provide all city hotel sector with attendants, Russian high schools should prepare one thousand experts a month already now.

Five-stars hotels. According to consulting company MACON Realty Group, by the end of 2009 Sochi hotel fund consisted of 2 stars category objects for 42%, 3 stars category objects — for30%, 1 star category objects — for 25%. A share of 4 and 5 stars hotels is not more than 3% from total amount. «Other objects do not meet service level requirements», — makes comments general director of MACON Realty Group Ilya Volodko. Now 4 and 5-stars hotels for 1061 rooms are constructed in Sochi. They will be gradually put into operation within next three years. There appears a question: who will service them? By estimates of the Sochi state university of tourism and resort business, over 45 thousand persons will be required for service of all objects of Olympic hospitality in 2014.

Chambermaid for two weeks. In world practice the considerable share of need for the Olympic Games service staff is covered at the expense of volunteers, and also the personnel involved from other regions or the countries. «By different estimations, for Olympic Games service in Sochi we need not less than 100 thousand persons, about 70 thousand from them are volunteers and about 35 thousand constant staff. Absolutely clear, that it is impossible for Sochi and, perhaps, for all Krasnodar region to provide this. Today Sochi»quota" makes 10 thousand persons, the others will need to be invited from other regions of Russian Federations or maybe from the CIS countries", — considers the rector of the Russian state university of tourism and service Alexander Fedulin.

Private interest in exchange for state guarantees. Simple mathematical calculations give rather impressing figures — it is necessary to train personnel for all lodging objects by 2014, since today, to prepare 10-12 thousand experts a year, or about 1 thousand a month. And taking into account natural turnover of staff — it is even more. While process has not begun. The personnel problem can be solved at the expense of migrants, including part-time workers. But these people should live somewhere. It is impossible to consider this question separately from plans of construction of affordable dwelling, social infrastructure. The problem oversteps the limits of the personnel qualification. It is a high time for the power to interfere with process, call experts.

Author: Elena Yakovleva