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International magazine Olympic Reporter, September-2010: Olympic interest of Russian and foreign companies the participants of the International Investment Forum Sochi-2010 (2161)
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Business idea

3-4 (2010)
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Group of companies «ROR» carries out the whole range of works in architecture, design, projecting and building of any complexity.

Group of companies «ROR» has been representing its services on building market for 15 years. During this time the company has realized a lot of projects different both in functionality and in complexity of architect and design decisions, — from private dwelling to public railway stations.

For the last years GC «ROR», besides traditional projection and building, offers its clients absolutely new service in Russia — butler service and life-long support of the objects, aimed at achievement of unprecedented service level and support of regular functioning of all buildings' systems constructed by the group of companies. High competitiveness on building market is caused by the presence of business «idea», which can be seen in any project realization process. Detailed engineering project doesn't consist only of architecture items and facades. Company specialists make wtynhfk of all rooms, plan a swimming pool, the central ventilation and conditioning system, heating and water supply, energy saving system and many other things. Almost all «ROR» ^projects are turnkey. On the basis of scientific ideas international market and its  own design «ROR» has founded a unique investment projects bank with high economic potential. Finally, «ROR» — is one of the few Russian companies, which has a registered trademark guaranteeing unprecedented quality of work and the realization of the steepest customers demands.

119270, Moscow, Luzhentskaya nab., 2/4, building 5,

tl: +7 (495) 617-18-95,

e-mail: info@ror1.ru, www.ror1.ru