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Billion in a pocket

3-4 (2010)
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«Sochi-2014» organizing committee has formed a pool of general sponsors, having established a record for winter Games: their contribution has already exceeded$1 billion, considering, that not all categories were demanded yet. For comparison: Games-2002 in Salt Lake City brought $494 million to organizers, Games-2006 in Turin —$348 million.

In «Gas» category «Gazprom» was considered as the most probable applicant for a victory. However, it has not shown interest to sponsorship, having noticed that had already brought the solid contribution to the Olympic Games: concern's money are spent on construction of ski stadium for 16 thousand spectators and a gas pipeline Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi.

Among applicants for participation in a category «Insurance» are «Ingosstrakh», «Rosgosstrakh» and «Soglasie». The partner contract makes$50 million, though earlier were sounded much bigger sums. Therefore, experts do not exclude, that the contract can be signed not with one company, but with insurers' pool. Among the international sponsors of «Sochi-2014»Coca-Cola, Samsung, Panasonic, Visa.

General sponsors of «Sochi-2014» in «Telecommunication» category: «Rostelecom» and «Megafon».The total sum of the sponsor contract —$260 million. Besides this sum, the companies plan to invest more than$200 million into the development of i Sochi nfrastructure and Krasnodar region. Totally it turns out about$500 million. Recently «Megafon» concretised, that intends to treble the number of the base stations to Sochi Games.

The general sponsor in «Oil» category: «Rosneft». The sum of the sponsor contract —$180 million. In addition to the main expenses, the company will supply organizing committee, Olympic and Paralympic committees, Russian national team and «Olympstroy»with fuel on favourable terms. Being the general sponsor, «Rosneft» intends to open over 150 petrol stations.

The general sponsor in «Rail transportation of passengers and cargoes» category: the Russian Railway. The sum of the sponsor contract —$115 million. The organising committee insists, that the Russian Railway is the unique company, capable to provide transport service of 20 thousand participants and visitors of the Games. For 2010, the monopoly investment program makes 270,5 billion roubles, 60 billion from which go to the Olympic objects.

The general sponsor in «Banks» category: Sber-bank. The sum of the sponsor contract —$110 million. It is declared the intention to develop a number of bank products, including contributions, credit programs and lotteries. All of them are thematically connected with «Sochi-2014': Also there tender is planned for new Olympic plastic card design.

The general sponsor in «Air service» category: Aeroflot. The sum of the sponsor contract —$100 million. Using own regular and charter flights, the company takes upon itself air service of Olympic and Paralympic national teams, and official delegations during the period from 2009 to 2016. The company will increase the number of regular flights in Sochi.

The general sponsor in «Cars» category: «Volkswagen Grup Rus». The sum of the sponsor contract —$100 million. Till 2014 the company will supply the organizers of the Olympic Games with about 3000 cars of Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda trademarks. Most of them will be made at Volkswagen factory in Kaluga.

The general sponsor in «Clothes and footwear» category: BoscoSport. The sum of the sponsor contract —$100 million. The company will provide with clothes not only the Russian national team, but also the ROC and the IOC delegations, and auxiliary personnel. According to organizing committee, 75 thousand volunteers and 65 thousand contract employees will be get involved into the Olympic Games service.

«S0CHI-2014» sponsors and volunteers will be granted from taxes

State Duma of the Russian Federation has introduced proposals on tax privileges for sponsors, sportsmen and even volunteers of the Sochi Olympic Games. Foreign sponsors, who have made a contract with the IOC can also count on preferences. For today they are Coca-Cola, Atos Origin, Omega, Samsung, Panasonic and Visa. International sponsors will be granted from VAT, profit tax, property and transport tax for the operations made for preparation and holding of the Games, Meanwhile, national sponsors of the Olympic Games, among them Russian Railways, Sberbank, «Rosneft», «RoStelecom» and «MegaFon», do not have privileges at all.



Sponsor contract, billion,$



Sponsor contract, billion,$







Rail transportation of passengers and cargoes




Air services




Clothes and footwear





«We have given to the Russian business new effective instrument»

Dmitry Chernyshenko, the president of Organizing committee «Sochi-2014»:

— Olympic five rings is one of the  recognised and successful brands in the world. That's why the largest transnational companies already now, four years prior to the Olympic Games in Sochi, hasten to sign contracts within the frameworks of the program «World IOC partners» (Top Partners) till 2016 inclusive. Having acquired the right to holding the Olympic Games in Sochi, we have given to the Russian business new effective instrument. Direct association with the biggest sports event of a planet, trademark recognition growth and consumer loyalty growth, improvement of a brand and even its introduction to a new level — are only some of the chances given to the company by Olympic movement partnership.

«Olympic Games sponsorship» is an excellent PR-move»

Svetlana Mishchenko, AMC DAGMAR managing partner:

— What, in your opinion, forces the companies to buy such expensive partner holding — from $100 miliion and more?

— Firstly, it is very prestigious. Only one company can get the Status of the general partner in the main categories, it point partner holding exclusiveness. Secondly, exclusive rights and privileges, which Olympic Games partners get, remain valid in Russia for eight years.

— How soon «Olympic» investments can be repaid?

— Such investments are meant for long-term promotion Strategy. They will not provide faSt growth of sales, but will solve problems of brand recognition growth. The Chinese company Lenovo, the fourth manufacturer of personal computers in the world, sponsored Olympic games in Turin in 2006 and in Beijing in 2008. According to «Gallup», 5% of Russians knew about Lenovo brand before competitions in China, and after the Games — already 30%.

Author: Maksim Fyodorov