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Snow and circuses

3-4 (2010)
Viewed: 1896

Heads of the Russian regions also have decided to draw conclusions from domestic national team fiasco in Vancouver. The realisation of even half of their ideas should ensure our worthy performance in Sochi.

Kemerovo region. The governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev suggested to include in the program of preparation of Russian national teams to Sochi and to the subsequent Olympic Games, the Provincial centre of mountain skiing and snowboard-ing, located on a Tumannaya mountain in Tashtagolsky area. According to the official information, there are more than 3 thousand metres of mountain-skiing tracks on the territory of the centre, with a relief meeting international requirements. «Having such object it is no sense to spend practice session abroad», — Tuleyev is categorical.

Khakassia. The governor of Khakassia Victor Zimin, declared that in 2010 the republic can allocate 90 million roubles for the realisation of Olympic Ski Training Center project, and, in case of federal budget support, 200 million roubles can be drawned on this object. «We wait for support and co-financing. But we have already invested the money», — pointed Zimin.

Murmansk region. The governor of Murmansk region Dmitry Dmitrienko stated the idea of organizing in region the training base for preparation of Russians for Sochi Games. According to him, there are biathlon and ski stadium, covered ice arenas, mountain-skiing tracks. «Objects should not be built from point zero — it is necessary to bring them to a normal condition and to use as a training base», — the governor reasons. One more advantage of Murmansk region is snow «from October till May»," no other European part of the country can brag of it".

Rostov region. The minister of physical training and sports of the Rostov region Valery Vakula informed, that the region becomes one of the centres of acclimatisation of: it is planned the building of two new ice arenas in the Don capital and general reconstruction of the Palace of sports built more than 40 years ago. According to Vakula, now Rostov has children and youth school, specialising on winter kinds of sports, — 50 pupils are trained in hockey and figure skating. On the basis of this school, the participants of Sochi Olympic Games-2014 can acclimatize themselves.

Sverdlovsk region. The governor of Sverdlovsk area Alexander Misharin told, that the special decision on higher achievements' sportsmen preparation is taken in region: development will get «some kinds of sports, oriented on the Olympic Games», — Alpine combination, short-track and biathlon. We will stimulate Sverdlovsk athletes to «competitiveness and victories» also financially.

Kareliia. The head of Kareliia Sergey Katanandov charged to work out plans of individual preparation for forthcoming Olympic starts for the sportsmen living and training in republic. He promised, that athletes who will be included into Russian Olympic teams, and also their trainers will get 1 million roubles each from regional authorities.

Adygei. The president of Adygei Aslan Thakushinov told about federation decision to construct in republic the covered cycle track, meeting the advanced requirements of Olympic level sportsmen preparation. «We have a good experience of holding cycling competitions. We are sure, that with the appearence of a modern cycle track, the popularity of this kind of sports will increase in Adygei», — Thakushinov noted.

Moscow. The mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov announced, that capital builders will erect to XXII winter Games about 160 thousand sq. metres of accomodation. Besides, Russian capital is ready to help Olympic capital with the organisation of selection of the volunteers and attendants who know foreign languages. In turn, the mayor of Sochi Anatoly Pakhomov was glad, that already 64 building companies from Moscow work on Olympic buildings now. He asked his colleague to help organizers to keep good weather during the Games. «Jury Mihaylovich, you should rescue us from rain In 2014, so that it is not like in Vancouver», — Pakhomov asked.

Author: Nikita Logvinov