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Haste makes waste

3-4 (2010)
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Designers have drawn conclusions from the Vancouver Games and for Sochi will try to build as much safe bobssleighing track as possible.

The main architect of «Olympstroy» Oleg Harchenko declared, that there will be no changes in the bobssleighing track project, which will construct for the Sochi Olympic Games. Experts called for changes after the accident on unwarrantably fast bobssleighing track in Whistler, where Georgian bobsleigher Nodar Kumaritashvili got smashed up during Preolympic trainings. «Our track is more slowly a priori. Rated maximum speed — 135,8 km. The designers of the track are the same. Attempts to make a track as much safe as possible will be undertaken», — commented Harchenko. «Stroyprofi» company designs the bobsleighing track for Sochi-2014. For minimisation of risks the company management employed foreign experts — the Canadian firm Integrated Sport Concept ltd and German design bureau of Udo Gurgel.

In the nearestr future the track project leaves state expert appraisal. The first stage of preparatory works will execute Omsk NPO «Mostovik». Till November, 20th, 2010 experts of «Mostovik» should clear territory from wood, carry out security-salvage archaeological operations, a number of excavations and to create mud flow withdrawal.