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«I have a goal — to buy vodka with a picture of Putin»

ą 3-4 (2010)
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Bjorn Ferry (Sweden), Olympic champion in pursuit in Vancouver, world champion in mixed relay race in 2008:

— I remained in a shadow during the World Cup, but for the Olympic games in Vancouver I was in my best form. While training for the previous season I fell down and broke my collarbone. I missed a lot of trainings because of this. During Christmas I managed to train very well. Then I fell ill again…

Sometimes it's not so bad suffering from a disease and not to take part in competitions during the season. The main goal for me last year was Vancouver — I won gold medal.

Shooting speed is very important in male biathlon now. If it is enough to hit all the targets for women, in male biathlon you should do it as fast as possible. Most of top-level athletes are shooting very fast. I think, I should work seriously at this aspect.

I'd like to prove my «gold» at the Olympic games in Sochi. I also have a goal — to buy vodka with a picture of Putin. And it would be much better — to celebrate my gold medal together with him. Everything was organized very well in Vancouver. I'm not worrying about the Games organization in Sochi — I think. they will be not worse.