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In the zenith of fame

3-4 (2010)
Viewed: 1917

Russian football cup-final took place in Rostov-on-Don — for the first time in history it was held outside the capital. Russian Football Union officials have decided to give a new impulse to development of sports №1 at the expense of the several powerful regional centres.

«Petrovsky» moorage

Two teams, which overcame a 14-month's marathon of the Cup with the best results, — «Zenith» and «Sibir», — arrived to Rostov on the eve of a match, on May, 15th, and lodged in hotels «Don-Plaza» and «Radisson» respectively. Already in the evening St.-Petersburg fans walked in parks and on quay, cars with Northern capital registration numbers drove in the centre. The Cup was exposed at children's sports school № 9 in city of Azov. There was also held an unofficial match between a national veterans team of the Rostov region «Dongazdobycha» and a national team of the USSR played by celebrated Rinat Dasaev, Vagiz Hidiyatullin, Fyodor Cherenkov and Yury Gavrilov. The meeting ended with a drawn game — 4:4. By different estimates, the final have visited from 7 to 10 thousand fans from St.-Petersburg. They took seats on a southern tribune, having turned it to something like «Petrovsky» stadium in miniature. And there were no «Sibir» group of support. Only 200-300 persons who arrived to Rostov mixed with the crowd of spectators and were absolutely unnoticeable. The match finished with the minimum lead of favourites: the victorious goal for the first time in history of final was scored with a penalty kick. After the «Zenith» team captain Alexander Anyukov had lifted a cup of Russia over his head, celebrating moved to the city streets, where it continued till the morning everywhere, including dormitory districts.

The force of Russian football is in regions

One more significant event for Rostov was the conference of Russian Football Union, which took place on May, 17th. Firstly, Sergey Fursenko declared the name of the new trainer of a Russian national football team — dutchman Dick Advocaat. «We open new page of the Russian football. Dick Advocaat is the world level trainer, and he will help us to do this», — declared Fursenko. «I hope, that we can bring success, which all of us need. It means qualification for Euro-2012 and good performance there», — Advocaat noted in turn. He became the successor of the other Dutch expert in a Russian national team — Guus Hiddink, under whoes direction domestic football players won Euro-2008 bronze, but did not reach the final part of the World Championship-2010. Under Advocaat St.-Petersburg «Zenith» became the champion of Russia (2007) for the first time, won the Cup and the UEFA Supercup (2008).

Secondly, a number of the priorities, conditioned also by the success of Russian cup-final in the Don capital, was read. The head of RFU declared the idea of holding the Supercup and a cup-final outside the capital region. Rostov experience was admitted successful, and in March of next year the Supercup match will take place in one of the southern cities.

The impossible becomes possible

The choice of Rostov for the first non-Moscow final is officially explained by the guaranteed excellent field, good weather and the great Don football traditions. There are also other informal theories: the final is the gratitude to rostovites for Sergey Fursenko's support during election campaign. Or another version — a farewell gift to Vladimir Chub, football fan, governing the region for almost 20 years. Political dividends from the supersuccessful organisation of the main match of the Cup of Russia-2010 also are difficult to overestimate. The mayor of Rostov Mikhail Tchernyshev in his blog compared them to what the Don capital will get from the organisation of the summit Russia — EU: «It may seem there are too much attention to Rostov. Well, and that is good! There are only pluses for us, rostovites… Rostov is spoken about in a positive context, it is mentioned in mass-media, discussed in a society. Finally, they will learn to find it on a map — that will be the achievement too!»

Author: Sergey Semyonov