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Nikita Logvinov  
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Nikita Logvinov  
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Nikita Logvinov  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Elena Yakovleva  
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Sergey Ivanov  
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Kirill Vlasenko  
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Spring-cleaning (1876)
Sergey Semyonov  
Superiron for superobjects (2145)
After feasting came the reckoning (2050)
Sergey Semyonov, Nikita Logvinov  
To put things in order and stop stealing (1827)

Media center speaks and shows

5-6 (2010)
Viewed: 1835

In Imeretinskaya lowland began the construction of the main media center (MMC), where the representatives of mass-media from every corner of the world will live and work during the Olympic Games-2014.

Its total area will make 25 thousand sq. meters. Executive functions on MMC designing and building are assigned to «Omega» Center; Krasnodar region has 100% of its shares. The media center will be situtated in a northwest part of Imeretinskaya lowland, near the constructed railway station. As it was explained in department of power realization for preparation of XXII winter Games, MMC project includes 3-stars eight-story hotel for 600 rooms. Now it is made artificial basis for foundation with the use of special materials and technics. Building is planned to be finished in February, 2013. During the Postolympic period, MMC building can be reorientated in shopping center. «Sochi will become the standard of Russian telecommunications», — declared the deputy minister of communication and mass media of the Russian Federation Naum Marder. According to him, the first channels of digital television in the Olympic capital will start to work in 2012, and it will be totally digital in 2014.