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We all come out from Putin's overcoat

5-6 (2010)
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Summer Olympic student's team watch came to the end in Sochi. 1,5 thousand persons from 28 regions of Russia, and also Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan took part in it. The main object where the youth was involved, — combined highway and railway Adler — mountainous resort «Alpika-service», Russian Railway.

On July, 2nd, on entrance to the first road tunnel, student's team together with company management put a capsule with the video appeal to progeny of 2060. Students participated in construction of the Big ice arena, treatment facilities in Adler area, transport infrastructure. «For children it was not only the unique chance to make the contribution to the main building of the country, but also magnificent possibility to pass the real life school and to get additional professional skills and to earn some money during vacation», — listed the benefits vice-premier Dmitry Kozak.

And prime minister Vladimir Putin has recollected, how he acquired the profession of carpenter of 4th category, when he worked in student's building team on wood cutting in Komi. The head of the government has promised, that in 2014 children will get seats on palaces tribunes in building of which they took part.of spectators voted for it.