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Nikita Logvinov  
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Kirill Vlasenko  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Sergey Semyonov, Nikita Logvinov  
To put things in order and stop stealing (1826)

If you liked school you'll love Olympic Games

5-6 (2010)
Viewed: 1833

It was given start to the all-Russian competition among educational institutions on the right to be volunteer centers at preparation and carrying out of XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Games. Competition is a part of the program, which Organizing committee «Sochi-2014» deve-lopes together with federal and regional departments, including the Ministries of Education and Sports.

The president of Organizing committee Dmitry Chernyshenko counted that only for test competitions service it is required 7 thousand volunteers, and totally — about 35 thousand. By December there should be selected not less than 15 educational institutions, where they would be prepared. Any adult resident of Russia can become volunteer of the Olympic Games-2014. In the nearest future it is planned to open international volunteer center in the city. The aim of other competition — «Olympic teacher-2010», started by the Sochi Organizing committee and supported by the Ministry of Education, — is to involve the most active, creative teachers in formation of Olympic and Paralympic values system in pupils. For participation in competition you are to send offers on development and additions to the Olympic lessons, teaching methods, scenarios of out-of-school actiivities. Applications are accepted till September, 25th.