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How do you feel, investor?

2 (2008)
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Needless to say, that the main sport event of the current year — XXIX summer Olympics in Beijing — is the most expensive and one of the most bright ones in the history of the Games. The Chinese didn’t stint and showed to the whole world: «Nothing is impossible».

Everyone should learn lessons from that experience, especially Russia, which was honored to host the XXX winter Olympic Games. Actions in that direction have already been taken. Thanks to the prime-minister Vladimir Putin the head of the ministry of regional development Dmitry Kozak has become the vice-premier, who is responsible for the preparation of Olympiad-2014. «In general, the preparation for the Olympics sticks to the schedule. But it won’t be unnecessary to give it an additional impulse and to concentrate a bigger administrative resource in that direction», — explained Mr. Putin his decision. «I may remind you that the preparation for the Olympic Games was also carried out by a special sub prime-minister of the USSR government», — said president Dmitry Medvedev.

On the one hand, Dmitry Kozak should receive congratulations, on the other — words of sympathy. His new appointment was announced during the worsening of world crisis. The minister had to admit that the crisis «might influence» the realization of the project «Sochi-2014»: «It will all depend on the well-being of the investors who work with us». According to Kozak, so far nobody has denied the construction of Olympics objects. «But we understand that it may still happen. And if it happens — we will search for different investors or use the budget money — there is no other way out».

The head of the IOC Gak Rogge is also optimistic: «There are some small problems with technics and engineering, but not with finances. This a number one project for Russia and for Putin, and we are sure that there always will be means for the Games».

Russian lottery «State-lotto» will also help to finance the Games. «I advise everybody to take part in the lottery because each ruble will be spent on the future of our country and our sport», — recommended her countrymen thrice Olympics champion, the senator Irina Rodnina. She also mentioned that the Games in 1980 had also been held for the «Sportlotto» money.

Meanwhile Russian government has to spend money that had been planned for the landowners whose land would be used to build the Olympic objects. The process started on November, 1. In the lower part of Imeretin lowland 130 objects should be sold by the citizens. «We are going to negotiate. We will buy the land at decent market price, but not at speculative», — stated Dmitry Kozak and advised those who didn’t agree to go to court.

Author: Maksim Fyodorov, editor-in-chief of the Publishing House MediaYug