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Nikita Logvinov  
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Nikita Logvinov  
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Nikita Logvinov  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Elena Yakovleva  
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Sergey Ivanov  
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Kirill Vlasenko  
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Sergey Semyonov  
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Sergey Semyonov, Nikita Logvinov  
To put things in order and stop stealing (1827)

Modern technologies for skaters records

5-6 (2010)
Viewed: 2014

The consortium of four companies — GSS Engineering, RusEnergoMontazh, GEA Grasso and AHI Carrier — will help Russian skaters to get the ice of the highest quality to the Olympic Games-2014.

In a new skating season 2010-2011 the companies of consortium carry out technical support of Russian skating national team leaders in problems of achievement of better results by means ofjoint introduction of new sliding, aerodynamics and ice preparation technologies. The process of designing and installation of skating arenas has a lot of details, insignificant at first sight, which finally considerably influence on the ice quality and determine the future stadium place in a world rating. The joint task, which is set today both before sportsmen, and special organizations, building skating ovals, consists in the following: Russian skaters should get the ice of the highest quality and could not only be prepared for the Olympic Games in Sochi, but also show the most worthy results in 2014.