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Blue methane for the White Olympic Games

5-6 (2010)
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Today 10 million cars in the world work on compressed natural gas.

The III International Scientific-Practical Conference «Gas into engines-2010» finished in Moscow with bottle-gas-driven automobile caravan on a route Moscow — Ryazan — Penza — Ulyanovsk — Tolyatti — Naberezhnye Chelny — Kazan — Nizhny Novgorod. Gas cars caravans «Blue corridor», organized by «Gazprom» and «Gazprom VNIIGAZ» in 2008 on a route St.-Petersburg — Veliky Novgorod — Tver — Moscow, and on a route Moscow — Rostov-on-Don — Krasnodar — Novorossiysk — Sochi in 2009, attracted great attention and were accompanied by regional conferences, meetings with interested experts, briefings. In «Blue corridor-2009» caravan, which was spent under the motto «Blue methane for the White Olympic Games», took part cars and lorries of leading domestic and world motor-car manufacturers: KamZ, Volkswagen Group Rus, Mercedes, Opel, GAS, LiAZ, AvtoVAZ, IVECO. At the finish — in Sochi — there was spent the commission session of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Russian Gas Society on the use of natural and liquefied petroleum gas as motor fuel. This year caravan goes through nine subjects of the Russian Federation — Moscow, Ryazan, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Tolyatti, Naberezhnye Chelny, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir. One of the key purposes of the race is to promote activization of works on the organization of a batch production of the domestic cars working on natural gas.

Evgeny Pronin, the deputy chief of department on gasification and use of gas of «Gazprom»:

— In June there was introduced the decision «About the course of works and further measures on expansion of use of compressed natural gas as motor fuel for vehicles in Moscow». Russian capital wants to solve this problem fully: to make bottle-gas-driven vehicles park, the network of gas stations, maintenance service system and even to organize manufacturing of methane cars. It is considered the possibility to release from rental minimum for five years multifuel complexes, where compressed natural gas sales make not less than 30% from total volume of fuel sales, and automobille companies, which have in their park not less than 50% of the cars using alternative energy sources (CNG and electromobiles).