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5-6 (2010)
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There's a silver lining to the cloud The preparation for the Games-2014 will help Sochi not only to avoid the collapse of the sewage system, but also to make a technological jerk in its development.

Turbid problems.

Today in Sochi one can say about communal services absolute degradation. The bottleneck is waste disposal and sewage treatment. Reviewing the Olympic plans of the capital of the Games -2014, the prime minister Vladimir Putin specially requested the designers: «Don't forget about the purification plants!'. Alexander Moshchitsky, Sochi water supply system chief engineer in 1972-2007, says that before the 80-ies the city water disposal system met and even exceeded the world standards. Now there are six water purification plants, and including local purification plants, which have some organizations and small towns, — more than 200.»But their operational efficiency is not more than 10%", — complains Moshchitsky. The given verdict is true for the sewage treatment in Adler, Bzugu, Dagomys, Kudepsta, Lasarevskoe. Navaginskaya water disposal station was built in 1936 and needs serious modernization not to be closed… The common problem for all these objects are decrepit equipment and depreciated pipes.

Controlled risks.

In December 2009 Sochi Assembly took the investment program of OOO «YugVodoCanal», in whose long-term lease the Sochi water supply complex was handed over. According to the general manager of the company Vitaly Shiryaev, the programme costs 5,8 billion roubles, is intended for 2009-2010 and includes 16 projects, aimed at solution of sore points of water supply system and sewage systemThe main source of water supply in Sochi is mountain rivers' flow. The only way of purification is disinfection by liquid chlorine, which is needed mainly for prevention of water pollution in course of its transportation in worn-out pipelines. «YugVodoCanal» representatives assure: «As test laboratory concluded, samples of water intake at pumping stations and water supply systems meet all sanitary standards».

Clean, cleaner.

According to the Sochi General development plan, the waste water volume will increase from the actual 210 thousands up to 370 thousands cubic meters per day by 2014. Water consumption for drinking needs will also greatly increase. Vitaly Shiryaev told that modernization programme supposes the purification plants reconstruction in Dagomys, Lasarevskoe and Kudepsta, sewage system construction in countryside. There are planned the replacement of 75 km of sewage network, the reduction of water supply system power intensity to 0,53kWh.

Chinese example is the lesson for Sochi

The Chinese made wide-ranging sewage system modernization on the eve of Beijing Games-2008. The project is still record-breaking for the Games organizers: there was spent 4 billon$ on the cleaning the city from sewages. While the preparation to the Vancouver-2010 there was built the complex Wastewater Treatment Plant at a cost of 1,2 billion$, including three plants and three water purification stages.

Billions to the water and back

The cost of the “YugVodoCanal” investment programme is 5,8 billion roubles. The investment programme realization by the year 2014 presupposes:

In sphere of water supply:

— replacement of 12,89% of watersupply system;

— water loss decrease up to 35,5%;

— power intensity decrease from 0,87kWh to 0,75 kWh;

— power intensity decrease from 1,85kWh to 1,16 kWh;

In the sphere of water disposal:

— replacement of 16,9% of sewage system;

— power intensity decrease from 0,60kWh to 0,53 kWh;

— power intensity decrease from 0,99kWh to 0,83 kWh.

Author: Sergey Semyonov